eLearning Short Courses

Professional Academy have a range of online eLearning short courses which have been created to provide an entry level understanding of business techniques and theories. 

Who are these courses for?

Newcomers to the world of marketing, like those who have previously visited the related blogs will undoubtedly benefit from these courses. We don’t just tell you about these theories but actually test your understanding of them so you can feel confident going forward that you’re applying these tools correctly and effectively in the real world. For example many people may have heard of Maslow’s theory in the psychology field, but do they know how to apply it to marketing?

It is not just newcomers however who may consider these courses. You may have worked in marketing for many years and even use these tools already but perhaps you need a refresher? It is all too easy to get stuck into a routine of repeating the same methods and tasks day in and day out without even thinking about or considering other options. You may know what these theories are, you may even know how to use them but are you really fully aware of why you should be using them or if you should be using them at all? These courses could help remind you!

A range of Marketing Theory and Digital Marketing short courses are now online on the Professional Academy store to purchase today!

All learners receive a Professional Academy certificate of completion once assessment has passed.

You can find more information on the short courses below.