People are our passion and we work hard to give every single student the help they need to reach their goal. Here are just some of the things our students have said about Professional Academy.

Chartered Institute of Marketing

“I suffer from severe dyslexia, but Deb made everything so clear and relevant.  My Marketing teacher at university always over complicated things.  I had a fantastic day and really enjoyed it, made me realise why I decided to go into the Marketing industry.”

Axis, Introductory Certificate in Marketing

“I would like to thank both of you with my heartfelt gratitude, especially Peter for his guidance during the workshop for Stakeholder Marketing. Without his support and persuasive nature and confident, I would not proceed with the submission of my assignment which I passed “

Marsinah, CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing Level 4 

“I want to thank you for all of your support throughout the course. You definitely made things easier when I was having a few doubting moments :)  I am finding the knowledge gained from the course invaluable, especially within my current job and have just received a pay rise and promotion due to the completed qualification.”

Eve, CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing Level 4 

“This is a really good course, I learnt so much in the first level and it was easy to follow and answer the questions. Support and help were there if I needed to call on it, this was calming to know. I found the feedback very useful. I was able to apply this into my other assignments and learn where is was going wrong and try to correct it for my next one. I am dealing with customers on a Daily basis. I have to understand their buying behaviour and how to interact with them, not only on a social but a business level. This course has helped know what to say and how to act in certain business environments and situations. Being new in the business world, it is a great way to start off your basic knowledge. Understanding how businesses work and how to act in business meetings. It helps to judge situations and make good decisions. It teaches you how you should act towards competition how you should plan and prepare. Certain laws and many other important information that I didn’t know before. Really good and really useful.”

Kyle, CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing Level 4 

"I used Professional Academy blended learning to pass my CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing. This consisted of two days intensive learning with a tutor and a small group of learners per module, followed by distance learning with support. I found the course interesting and immensely useful and relevant to my role, and I'm so pleased I decided to use Professional Academy. The blended learning suited my lifestyle perfectly, and the support I received was both speedy and excellent. The tutors for the intensive learning were marketers with real life insight, rather than academics, which I felt helped to really bring the subject matter to life and frame it a way I could relate to."

Matt, CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing Level 6 

“I'm very happy and satisfied about David's way of tutoring. He has a very vast knowledge and experience and I love the way he deals with students. He is empathic and caring and he knows how to support and motivate a student going through this level of studies. He is very fast in giving his feedback to my assignments and he answer to any of my questions and helps me finding the correct answers.” 

Maria, CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing Level 6 

“Brilliant workshop, Will was a fantastic tutor and I thoroughly enjoyed both days learning from him. He was great in terms of applying the theory to real situations, and getting us to think about them further. This workshop has already helped me in my professional work and I really appreciate it. Great group size also, allowed enough discussions but not too large." 

Fliss, CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing Level 6 

“I appreciated your positivity and encouragement and that made me try harder and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the best of yourself during that period and your warmth will always live in my heart and as I take the time to think of the next step its all because of people like you who change people’s outlook and they realise that they can actually do better than they themselves believe.”

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing student

"I started training with CPA to embark on a new career in marketing after 25 years working in private/public sector partnerships. They helped me choose the right course for me, at a level that was challenging and right for my skill set.  He set out a payment schedule so my fees were manageable for me. My CPA website access was set up right away and all my study materials, workbooks and text books arrived straight away.  The arrangement to have Friday / Saturday courses meant I didn’t miss too much time from work, and the classes were small with lots of interesting case studies. All the tutors were excellent and responded to requests promptly. Throughout my study, I know I could count on Kamilla, Sarah and the rest of the lovely office staff at CPA – whether it was a last-minute mad dash to get my paper submitted, worrying about my next registration, or just to talk through my course of study, I knew that I could call or email the team and they would always be here for me.  It was very reassuring to know I had an incredible team behind me, cheering me on! Thanks to CPA, I now have my CIM Level 6 Professional Diploma in Marketing and even managed to get a “A” on my final submission.  I’ve just been promoted to Assistant Brand Manager at my company and I’m certain my CIM qualification from CPA will continue to help my career prospects in the future.  Thanks CPA!"

Linda, CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing Level 6

"For me, the Marketing Leadership course provided by Professional Academy and the CIM is second to none. This is a practical, hands on course focusing on the application of marketing techniques rather than just the theory itself. The course has certainly made think more critically about the tools and strategies I use on a daily basis and how they can be applied in a more effective way. It has also challenged my perception of value that marketing can bring to an organisation and the critical role it can play in leading organisational change. The support from Professional Academy and the CIM and the quality of content provided by the guest lecturers and supporting tutors has been outstanding, allowing me to effectively balance my work commitments and studies. I highly recommend this course for any senior marketing manager looking to take the next step in their career development.

Deryn, CIM Marketing Leadership Programme Level 7

"Professional Academy's tutors were very helpful with the studying and preparation I required leading up to my examination. Despite it being a distance learning course, which needs greater self-motivation, the team were very easy to contact and personable throughout, especially when I needed more support. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who's taking on a challenging academic course."

Tom, CIM Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing Level 7

"Excellent informative workshops keeping it interesting and interactive. Great teacher who is happy to assist and explain further where necessary."

Julie, CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing Level 4

"My tutor, Christoper Journeaux, was fantastic throughout all the workshops. He was a great guide throughout this whole process - I couldn't have done it without him."

Sarah, CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing Level 4

"I have had a great experience with Professional Academy, they have provided me with all the tools and information I need to progress in my studies. I have had feedback on how to improve, very strong workshops and built a relationship with the team"

Jade, CIM Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing Level 7

Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

“I have been extremely fortunate to have had such an excellent tutor throughout the ISMM Diploma. He has a highly professional approach to his role and is a credit to Professional Academy. Andy has an enviable record in the environment of business development and has a wealth of experience within the world of learning. Combining these strengths gives him the ability to transfer knowledge to candidates in an up-to-date manner. Andy has a commanding presence; as a course delegate it is easy to understand why he has attained such a level of success and I am pleased that he has chosen to share his experiences openly with me. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Andy to anyone looking for a great tutor and mentor.”

Cubic Transportation Systems, ISMM Advanced Diploma in Sales and Marketing

“I and the rest of the delegates (16 in total) have been very impressed with the trainers business-like approach to the whole experience.  He is able to relate topics to the real world, explaining them fully, clearly and most importantly, keeping anecdotes relevant, which has kept our interest and enthusiasm high and helped our understanding. He is a great tutor as he has been through the ISMM L5 himself and is therefore able to give us unhesitating guidance concerning what the verifiers will be looking for and place importance on.  He also gives the delegates a sense of empathy as he’s been through the process himself, which means that the group trusts what he has to say and takes it on board. Throughout the course he has encouraged open and relevant discussion, sharing experiences and promoting continued development outside of the course itself.”

Heidi Warner, Group Sales Training Manager, PHS Group, ISMM Diploma in Account and Sales Management.

“Our trainer was a first-rate sales trainer who is as fluent at the theories behind selling as he is experienced at actually closing the deals. He makes learning enjoyable while stretching you at the same time. Much credit for the successful completion of my Diploma goes to this man!”

Reza Ram, Halfacre Business Growth & Guidance, ISMM Advanced Diploma in Sales and Marketing.

“I really enjoyed the course, I have since put some of what I learned into practise! After passing the course my MD saw sense and this week I was made Sales Director.”

Wesley Kent, Fire co, ISMM Sales Management and Leadership

"Through obtaining an ISMM qualification I have enhanced my career by being recognised as reaching peer respected professional standards and this has subsequently been the key to my rapid progression. The clear return on investment has led me to continue towards my MBA"

Nathan Nagel, Senior Sales Executive, ISMM Sales Management and Leadership

"I have been very pleased with my experience with Professional Academy.  The one day workshops were a good interaction, and always well presented. On the one occasion that they did not meet my expectation it was resolved immediately with Martin putting on an extra workshop. My drafts having been reviewed by Tim always had very good constructive feedback. Kamilla your efficient way of dealing with things, quick response and help was very much appreciated. I would definitely recommend your service to others"

Chris, Global Sales - Europe, Woodward AS. ISMM Diploma in Strategic Sales Management

I received my certificate today, with this email I'm writing to thank you for your immense support during my course , your positive attitude and instant support is what helped make ISM overall a wonderful experience, my chosen tutors have been of a great guide, the Refinery was convenient, straightforward and easy to use.

Shams Mustafa - ISM Certificate in Sales and Marketing