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CIM Specialist Awards

Gain in-depth understanding and mastery of focused areas in Digital Marketing through efficient, assessed learning with CIM Level 6 Specialist Awards. Regulated by Ofqual, these qualifications offer a flexible pathway to enhance your knowledge and credentials, aligning them with your current and future career goals without requiring a significant time or financial commitment.

Each short qualification is valued at 9 credits, allowing you to achieve professional certification in as little as 90 hours of study time. Designed for digital marketing managers and professionals in operational and supervisory roles, these awards provide the opportunity to sharpen your strategic and management skills, empowering you to advance your career in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Unleash your potential and differentiate yourself in the industry with CIM Level 6 Specialist Awards - the gateway to unlocking new heights in your digital marketing journey.

Key Benefits of Studying CIM Awards with Professional Academy

  • Recognised Qualifications: CIM qualifications are highly regarded and often preferred by employers. They provide tangible evidence  of your expertise and commitment to professional development - giving you a competitive  edge in the job market
  • Expert-led Curriculum: benefit from industry-leading experts who bring real-world  experience to the course, providing you with practical insights and strategies you can implement immediately
  • Relevant and Up-to-Date Content: stay ahead of the curve with learning content that's continuously updated to reflect the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the dynamic field of marketing
  • Flexible Learning Options: our flexible learning approach allows you to balance your studies with your professional and personal commitments, ensuring that advancing your career doesn't mean sacrificing your current responsibilities.

Our Specialist Awards:

CIM Specialist Awards

AI Marketing

Aims of the unit

As AI technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, this Specialist Award will enable you to respond effectively to developments and understand their application to marketing.

Learning outcomes

  • To Identify the application of AI within marketing.
  • To Evaluate the impact of AI within the business environment .
  • To Create a plan to determine the utilisation of AI in marketing activities.
  • For more information visit : CIM AI Marketing Award Page

SEO and Paid Search Management

Aims of the unit

This Specialist Award develops knowledge and skills to enable a strategic approach to organic and paid search channels.

Learning outcomes

Content Strategy

Aims of the unit

Content marketing is fundamental for addressing important audience questions as well as building trust, developing relationships and improving conversions. This Specialist Award provides a strategic approach to content marketing that aligns to wider corporate and marketing goals.

Learning outcomes

  • To Develop a targeted content strategy.
  • To Plan the creation and distribution of effective content.
  • To Formulate effective copy for a targeted audience.
  • For more information visit : CIM Content Strategy Award Page

Social Media Management

Aims of the unit

This Specialist Award provides strategic insights into how social media can enable an organisation to reach, nurture, and engage with its target audience.

Learning outcomes

  • To Develop an integrated social media strategy.
  • To Know how to manage social media.
  • To Apply key measures and tools to analyse social media activities.
  • For more information visit : CIM Social Media Management Award Page


Aims of the unit

Consumers are increasingly choosing to shop from the comfort of their own homes, making ecommerce a must for any retail organisation. This Specialist Award provides the knowledge and skills to develop and effective ecommerce proposition as well as understanding of best practice for ecommerce strategy creation.

Learning outcomes

  • To Prepare a business case for an ecommerce proposition.
  • To Assess best practices in ecommerce to support site transactions .
  • Develop an effective inbound marketing strategy for ecommerce.
  • For more information visit : CIM Ecommerce Award Page

Entry Requirements:

The Level 6 Specialist Digital Award is a prestigious degree-level qualification tailored for individuals in marketing management roles who aspire to elevate their strategic understanding of digital disciplines.  

Ways to Study:

  • The Premium Award courses feature three virtual workshops led by your tutor. You will benefit from this instruction (which is in addition to the on-line course materials) and interact with fellow students to share ideas. £700 (ex. VAT) £840 (Inc. VAT) 
  • Lite courses are designed for distance learning, incorporating interactive e-learning resources and one-to-one remote support from an experienced tutor individually assigned to you. £450 (ex. VAT) £540(Inc. VAT) 

To compare the different study methods please visit our comparison page