CIM Specialist Award in AI Marketing

AI is here and many, if not most, marketers are already using it to create blogs, social posts, and images. This Award aims to provide the tools needed for marketing managers and senior marketing executives to develop suitable plans for the uses and implementation of AI marketing into their organisations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To Identify the application of AI within marketing.
  • To Evaluate the impact of AI within the business environment .
  • To Create a plan to determine the utilisation of AI in marketing activities.

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AI? Whey Aye! 

Join our AI tutor and guru, Nadio Granata FCIM, FHEA, who will explain why all organisations, whatever their size or sector, should be seizing the opportunities AI presents. He’ll also suggest key business areas where use AI can easily improve productivity.

 Tuesday 5th December at 11.00 am GMT for the free webinar

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Concerns about AI Marketing 

Some news articles have focused on potential negative aspects to the use of AI with organisations, and this is something that will be addressed in our course materials. Our aim is to provide learners with detailed knowledge on the uses, implementation and ethics of using AI marketing in a business context. 

Ways to Study:

Distance Learning (Lite):
We offer online course resources, assignment feedback, as well as guidance and advice to prepare you for the online 90-minute exam, which consists of multiple-choice questions. Through distance learning the course can be completed within two months. £450 (ex. VAT) £540(Inc. VAT) 

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Blended Learning (Premium):

In addition to all of the online resources, guidance, and feedback, we offer three virtual workshops (one for each of the learning outcomes).  

At the workshops, delivered by Nadio Granata FCIM, FHEA, you will gain the expert knowledge and skills to craft a dynamic, impact-orientated Marketing Plan to capitalise on LLM developments and Generative AI applications in real time. 

There will be a few weeks between workshops to allow you to absorb what you have learned, so the Premium course will take longer to complete. £700 (ex. VAT) £840 (Inc. VAT) 

 Enrol Now: CIM Specialist Award in AI Marketing (Premium) - Cambridge Professional Academy 

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Entry Requirements:

This degree-level Level 6 AI marketing course is designed for senior marketing personnel who need a deeper understanding of AI, and how to use it, to develop a strategic understanding of this digital tool.