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Unlock the Future with the CIM Specialist Award in AI Marketing

Welcome to the cutting-edge realm of AI Marketing, where innovation meets strategy! Are you ready to supercharge your marketing  skills and steer your organisation towards new levels of success? Dive into the future with our CIM Specialist Award in AI Marketing.

Explore the World of AI Marketing with Confidence

As AI reshapes the marketing landscape, there is no option but to jump on board. This specialist short course empowers marketing managers and senior executives to harness the full potential of AI in their Organisations. Uncover the secrets of effective AI integration and propel your marketing efforts to new heights

What You'll Gain:

By enrolling in our AI Marketing course you'll:

  • Identify the diverse applications of AI within the marketing sphere
  • Evaluate the impact of AI marketing within your business environment
  • Create a comprehensive plan for implementing AI marketing activities.

Dispelling Concerns: Embracing the Power of Ethical AI

While some may highlight the potential drawbacks, we  focus on the positive potential of AI when used ethically. Our commitment is to equip learners with in-depth knowledge on AI marketing applications, implementation, and ethical considerations.

Explore insightful blogs by our course tutor, Nadio Granata, on navigating AI in Marketing:

Choose Your Path:

Tailored Learning for Your Success:

Distance Learning (Lite):
Access online course resources, receive assignment feedback, and benefit from guidance and advice to prepare you for the online 90-minute exam. Through distance learning the course can be completed in as little as two months.  

Enrol Now: CIM Specialist Award in AI Marketing (Lite) - Cambridge Professional Academy

Blended Learning (Premium):  

Our premium option combines the online resources, feedback and guidance of the Lite option along with three workshops conducted by Nadio Granata FCIM, FHEA. Through interaction with both your tutor and peers, you will gain the expert knowledge and skills to craft a dynamic, impactful Marketing Plan leveraging the latest developments in LLM developments and Generative AI applications in real time. 

As we allow a number of weeks between workshops to allow you to absorb what you have learned in the workshops, the Premium course takes a little longer to complete

Enrol Now: CIM Specialist Award in AI Marketing (Premium) - Cambridge Professional Academy 

To compare the different study methods please visit our comparison page

Entry Requirements:

This degree-level Level 6 AI marketing course is designed for senior marketing personnel who need a deeper understanding of AI, and how to use it, in order to develop a strategic understanding of this digital tool.