Compare Premium and Lite Courses

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Compare Premium and Lite Courses

*During the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic Professional Academy will be running both virtual and face-to-face workshop sessions until further notice. Please contact our advice team about this if you would like more information*

Our Premium and Lite course options give you the choice of how you want to learn.

Lite courses are designed for distance learning, incorporating interactive e-learning resources and one-to-one remote support from an experienced tutor individually assigned to you.

Premium courses also include face-to-face, tutor-led workshops that will put you on a fast track to achieving your chosen professional qualification.

  Premium Lite
Course Materials:

   Tutor-written study guides

✔ (Download Only)

   Digital Course Resources

✔ (Download Only)

   Physical Copies of  Core text books

The Refinery:    
   E-learning modules

   Download resources

   View assignments

   Book workshops

One-to-one tutor support:    
   Guidance and advice

   Assignment feedback

   Intensive workshops