In-Company Training

Bespoke Learning & Development Solutions

We offer the full range of training services, from structured learning geared towards qualifications to team building, bespoke sales training, personal management courses, and productivity training. This breadth of expertise is unique and allows us to deliver complete development programmes built from the ground up to meet your objectives.

Our training methodology


Professional Academy are proud of being able to deliver the most complete training and development solution at each individual stage or as a full training and development suite. Our training methodology can be explained via our simple ADDS model.


Professional Academy will work with your business to assess the right training and development programme for your business needs via a series of tried and test tools including but not limited too a business needs analysis, skills assessments, competency frameworks and ROI expectations


Our expert advisers and contract managers are able to help your company decide on the best training content to suit your business training and development needs. From a comprehensive Learning Management System to tailored content as well as being able to offer bespoke, accredited and endorsed training pathways. 


Professional Academy can offer a high level of flexibility when it comes to course delivery. Workshops can be taught in any country, in any language and at your businesses preferred training location due to a large network of trainers who are not only skilled trainers but industry experts which can be hand picked to fit your businesses needs.


Alongside a 100% pass guarantee for all individual students (studying individual qualifications or as part of a company cohort) Professional Academy are able to offer a wide range of student and company support including branded training academy's, training partnerships, train the trainer programmes and dedicated student support teams. 

With the ADDS training model Professional Academy are able to deliver a high rate of training success and nurture partnerships with our training partners, delivering consistent results and helping businesses to achieve their goals via effective training programmes. 

Individual learning

From small teams to an entire workforce, we focus on training the individual. Some people respond best to hands-on learning, others to self-study. We assess each person’s needs and abilities so we can deliver the most effective training possible, with whatever additional support is required.

Bespoke solutions

No one else covers the breadth of professional disciplines we do, from entry level to postgraduate degree level. We can explore just about any subject area, building a module or two on marketing into sales training or vice versa. This kind of cross-disciplinary training is invaluable in helping the different parts of your organisation understand each other better.

Training examples

Click on the headings below to see what kind of topics we typically cover in our in-company learning and development programmes:


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