In-Company Training FAQ

From bespoke, targeted learning and development programmes to accredited professional qualifications, Professional Academy can help you gain the competitive advantage by developing the people who power your business.

Professional Academy delivers in-company training solutions to businesses, government and non-profit organisations around the world. From start-ups to multinationals across every sector, we help management, sales and marketing personnel develop their skills and improve their performance so you can meet your objectives.

There are four crucial reasons why it’s vital to invest in staff development:

Retention: Hold onto your best people by offering a clear pathway to new skills, qualifications and career progression

Recruitment: Showing a clear commitment to nurturing and developing your staff makes you a more attractive career prospect

Succession planning: By promoting from within, you ensure continuity and keep valuable skills and knowledge inside the business

Performance: A better trained, better motivated workforce means better performance in every area and greater profitability overall

From workshops and courses to self-led distance learning, we offer the complete range of learning and development solutions. Using our expertise and experience, and our team of exceptional trainers, we can build a unique programme around your objectives. As an accredited supplier of CIM, ISM and CMI qualifications, we can also help your people gain internationally recognised certificates, diplomas and degrees.

A confident, well-motivated workforce with up-to-date knowledge and skills is vital if you want to achieve sustained, significant growth. By retaining your most talented team members and developing their abilities, you won’t just be radically improving day-to-day performance and productivity. You’ll be safeguarding the future growth and prosperity of your business.

We are the experts in delivering training to busy professionals with demanding jobs. We can take care of the logistical challenge of fitting learning and development around your staff’s schedules and responsibilities, delivering an efficient, effective programme with the minimum disruption and minimal administration for you to worry about.

Our learning and development programmes focus on bringing knowledge and skills up to date with the cutting edge. But that’s not all. We show our students how to apply the theory in practice, giving them the confidence to perform at a higher level. This proven combination leads directly to an increase in productivity.

We’re convinced that any professional development programme should be just as much about personal development as professional skills. With our support, students will challenge themselves and gain new confidence in their abilities. When you invest in training your people, you send a clear message that you value and recognise their talent – a guaranteed boost to motivation and morale in itself.

By offering clear, effective pathways to new skills and behaviours, accredited qualifications and career progression, you demonstrate a clear commitment to staff development. This is not just considered best practice – it’s essential if you want to generate growth and guarantee long-term success.

The cost for delivering one of our training sessions does depend on the size of your team, how long the program will be and if you require full accreditation.

We offer a free of charge competency meeting which will provide us with all the information required so please contact us to book a face-to-face consultation to discuss your needs in further detail.

Each institute has a varied amount of workshops/modules for their qualifications so the duration of the program would depend on the institute you are studying.

However, because Professional Academy are able to design a complete program bespoke to your company we have the ability to schedule this around your deadlines as required.

We could direct you to our roster of previous clients, which includes market-leading organisations in just about every sector. We could show you the testimonials we've received from clients and students alike. We could also point to the decades of experience and long list of professional accreditations held by our staff and trainers. But we'd much rather find out about you!

Why not book a face-to-face consultation? We'd be happy to hear about your challenges and objectives and tell you how we can deliver a complete solution.

We've been designing, developing and delivering bespoke in-company training solutions on a global scale since 2011. We've provided our services to businesses of every shape and size, undertaking major projects for clients including Gulf Air, BP and Siemens. You can read a selection of case studies profiling some of our past programmes, but we invite you to contact us if you’d like to know more.

Our trainers and facilitators combine years of experience and cutting edge expertise with a thorough understanding of the business world. All of them have worked at a high level themselves and know their chosen sector inside out. You’ll benefit from the best teaching methods and the real-world experience of talented communicators who understand the challenges you face first-hand.