Marketing Apprenticeships

Marketing is an ever changing and evolving sector meaning the ability to train and develop the next wave of marketing professionals is integral to the growth of not only the sector but individual businesses. Marketing apprenticeships have been created as the ideal pathway to train or cross-train those within your business looking to move into a marketing role, or develop those already in a marketing role.

“I am thoroughly enjoying this apprenticeship. I am learning something new every week, from the workshops, to completing the tasks to the online courses. Within the first couple of months, I was able to bring back new knowledge to my team members and explain to them what I had learned and how we can interpret it into our marketing.” - Erin, Marketing Executive at Fill the Gap Marketing

Who are these apprenticeships for?

These apprenticeships have been created for those working in the Marketing department of a business without a Marketing (or Marketing related) degree or those who have moved into marketing from other areas such as customer service or sales.

These apprenticeship programmes are available to both Levy and Non-Levy paying organisations. 

Who has created this apprenticeship standard?

The Marketing apprenticeship standard has been created in conjunction with multiple companies including, but not limited to, the CIM, A F Selection, British Airways, Bauer Media Group, Birmingham City University, British Engines, British Telecommunications PLC, Clarks Ltd, Portsmouth City Council, Mercedes Benz Financial Services UK Ltd, Plott Creative, Prospects Services, and Seetec.

What areas are covered in these apprenticeships?

Each apprenticeship covers core units focused on the fundamental role responsibilities at the relevant level as well as delivering a high professional standard within the role. Each apprenticeship will also cover specific elective units which will allow businesses to tailor apprenticeships to focus on key industry and business challenges. Professional Academy will provide organisations with an apprenticeship structure which suits each businesses individual needs whilst the candidate is completing the apprenticeship programme.

How long will it take?

Apprenticeships completion times depended on the level of which is being undertaken ranging from 18 months for an intermediate course to 28 months for an advanced apprenticeship.

What levels are available?

“The mentor sessions are going well. Having that extra support when needed is always great to have. I find that having these sessions helps clarify anything I'm uncertain of and helps me put what I have been learning into my role at the workplace.”Millie, Marketing Assistant

If you would like to talk to one of our business development team about the apprenticeship programmes available and how the schemes work, please do contact us via our Apprenticeship contact form, or drop us a call on 01223 365 505 and one of our team would be happy to have chat at any time.

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