Benefits of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships provide an incredible opportunity for UK businesses to develop their people, with government funding available whether you pay the apprenticeship levy or not. 

Previous incarnations of the apprenticeship programme have focused around apprenticeship placement programmes, but the new apprenticeship scheme shares the focus with those already established in a business with upskilling those already in work with an apprenticeship. 

Both existing employees and new hires of any age can be enrolled in an apprenticeship. As with all our training, we provide the flexibility to minimise disruption to your employee’s working responsibilities while delivering high-quality tuition and outstanding participant support.

Apprenticeship training standards

Combining apprenticeship standards that have been established with the help of industry giants within their particular sector, with Professional Academy’s experience in delivering training for businesses of varying sizes is a win-win situation for those looking to create an apprenticeship scheme. 

Professional Academy’s expertise allows the apprenticeship training to be mapped not only to the apprenticeship standards but a company’s own challenges and needs. Whether there is a need for a structured management training pathway or a customer service team upskilling session Professional Academy can build a training programme for those undertaking the apprenticeship scheme and also to benefit others within your company. 

Recruitment benefits

The apprenticeship programme allows companies to back up recruitment practices with training programmes, expanding a recruitment network to include those with transferable skills both within and outside of company’s sector. This is a fantastic opportunity to allow businesses to hire on attitude as well as a candidates existing skill set, knowing that the apprenticeship standards and training will allow them to get up to speed with specific job role related skills or sector specific standards. 

The new apprenticeship programme creates an opportunity for employers and employees alike to expand their on-the-job skill set with nationally recognised and approved training programmes across a range of industry standards. 

Professional Academy are registered to provide apprenticeships to both levy-paying and non-levy paying companies. 

If you would like to talk to one of our business development team about the apprenticeship programmes available and how the schemes will work, please do contact us via our Apprenticeship contact form, or drop us a call on 01223 365 505 and one of our team would be happy to have chat at any time.