Testimonials, Case Studies & Success Stories

We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, frequently going beyond the call of duty to exceed their expectations. Here are just some of the things our clients have to say about their experience of working with us.


Brief: To design a comprehensive sales training programme

We were engaged to design a comprehensive sales training programme that incorporated both e-learning and traditional workshop based techniques. The project utilised a custom training website to enable facilities such as competence assessment, role-mapping and prioritisation. Close client cooperation was required to deliver this level of training structure as it represented an internal culture change within the client.

Brief: To develop a turnkey programme of course design

A nationwide programme to deliver management training to over 600 staff in a government initiative to improve the skills of women in business. We developed a turnkey programme of course design; rapid administration; automation of IT systems and delivery via local (to the client) centres. Full operation of the scheme was achieved in 4 weeks from project start, including IT system development.

Brief: To provide an upgrade to existing sales training programme

An interesting project whereby we were asked to provide an "upgrade" to the existing sales training programme. We initially reviewed the current training programme relative to the ISMM syllabus and made recommendations for its enhancement. We were then engaged to provide the formal assessment of the individuals in pursuit of their ISM qualification.

Brief: To deliver a contextualised sales training programme

This contract required us to deliver the ISM Level 5 qualification to sales staff that PHS had identified as having great potential. We constructed a programme that worked around the key business areas of the business and was contextualised to their trading environment. Assessments were used that aligned the requirements of both the ISM syllabus and PHS sales person competence.

Case Studies & Success Stories

We've seen first-hand the incredible, often directly quantifiable effect that high-quality training can have on a business. You can read about the work we've done for just a few of our previous clients below.

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