Diplomas in Business Excellence

Unique to Professional Academy, the Diplomas in Business Excellence have been created to meet the demand for an alternative to accredited qualifications. Using Professional Academy's knowledge in professional development we have been able to create a flexible, tailored, skills-based training model to fit any businesses needs. 

Working in partnership with you, we design a programme of skills-based training built around the specific needs of your business and sector. By creating a comprehensive and truly bespoke learning and development programme without the additional costs levied by external accrediting bodies, you can gain maximum value from your investment in training. 

What are they?

The Diplomas in Business Excellence are role-based skills training programmes designed by Professional Academy to help businesses grow and develop sales, management, marketing, and customer service teams. These programmes have been designed with businesses in mind, with the flexibility to map training programmes to industry-specific needs and challenges.

Businesses are able to create bespoke multidiscipline diplomas or choose a more focused approach with a discipline specific diploma in sales, marketing, management or customer service.

Who are they for?

Our Diplomas in Business Excellence have been developed with team-based company training in mind and are ideal for businesses with specific role-based training needs who do not want to pursue traditional accredited qualification pathways. These flexible training programmes are based solely on your business’ needs in terms of delivery (office based or interactive eLearning), assessment (role-play, project or online exam) and content.

What can they do for my company? 

The Diploma in Business Excellence programmes provide a cost-effective training solution, unique to your business needs. This solution can be single or multi-disciplined depending on your requirements.

Professional Academy can help manage the training cohorts, delivering high-levels of support to the HR teams and individuals equally.

The Diplomas in Business Excellence can be branded and delivered as a company’s own training programme, with customised eLearning and Learning Management System (The Refinery) allowing for easy management of participants and encouraging higher levels of training engagement.

Most importantly, the Diplomas in Business Excellence are created in partnership between your business and Professional Academy, meaning the Diploma is a constantly evolving part of a learning and development culture within your business, a culture which Professional Academy is well-placed to help develop and grow. 

If you would like to learn more about what Professional Academy's Diplomas in Business Excellence can do for your business, call us on 01223 365 505, email develop@professionalacademy.com or download our Learning & Development Brochure today.