Diploma in Operational Customer Service Excellence

Developed to help customer service departments enhance the key skills needed for building successful relationships with customers and improve the operational effectiveness of customer service teams.

What is it?

The Diploma in Operational Customer Service Excellence has been developed by customer service specialists with a view to enhancing the professionalisim and skills needed to excel, both in terms of rapport building and effective performance within a customer service role.

Modules are focused on skills essential to excellent customer service performance including time management, communication skills, call handling, managing expectations, the customer experience, handling difficult customers, and building positive relationships.

Who is it for? 

This diploma has been created for businesses who have a desire to nurture a customer service team with the highest level of customer insight and understanding allowing for delivery of exemplary front line customer service built around a businesses ethos and values.

Programmes can be tailored for growing and established businesses alike with a flexible approach to both delivery and cost allowing for minimal staff disruption and maximising returns on investment.

How will it benefit your business? 

The Diploma in Operational Customer Service Excellence has been created to have an instant positive impact on customer service teams in terms of the level of customer service delivered as well as the level of organisational effectiveness across the customer service department.

As the diploma delivery and content is tailored towards your business needs and challenges the positive effects of the training are amplified with solutions and tactics being developed by customer service teams as part of the training.

How does delivery work? 

The Diploma in Customer Service Excellence is tailored to your business needs at all levels allowing the programme to be delivered via our blended learning methodology, including face-to-face workshops, or online via tailored interactive eLearning.

All delivery methods are supported by Professional Academy’s learning management system (The Refinery). The Refinery is not only customisable to fit your businesses branding guidelines but also allows for simple and effective management of training cohorts.

Assessments can be completed in the form of an online quiz, role-play session, work-based project or personal reflection depending on your business needs.

What modules will you study?

Role-play | Online exam | Reflection | Project

This module focuses on the importance of good customer relationships and how to manage more difficult aspects of handling customers to ensure customer satisfaction. Key learning outcomes for this module focus around customer experience, managing customer expectations, relationship building, and dealing with difficult customers.

Role-play | Online exam | Reflection

The aim of this module is to ensure customer service operatives can provide an excellent service whilst continuing to develop themselves and their skills. The module includes time management, customer support and call handling, stakeholder analysis, customer buying practices, and consumer legislation.

Reflection | Project

Develop the key skills needed to be an effective individual within a business such as stress management, organisational skills, and mindfulness.