Diploma in Operational Sales Excellence

Developed to help companies professionalise the sales process, enhance sales performance, and increase revenue and profitability by focusing on core sales skills needed for sales people and departments to succeed across a wide range of industries and sectors.

What is it? 

The Diploma in Operational Sales Excellence has been developed by leading sales experts to address the key challenges facing front line sales personnel in highly competitive market places. With a focus on key sales skills including: negotiations and objection handling; time and territory management; presentation skills; relationship management; prospecting for new business; forecasts; budgeting; and telesales, alongside personal development and motivation skills.

The above list just scratches the surface of the training and expertise available as part of the Diploma in Operational Sales Excellence, allowing for a training programme built to fit your individual sales team needs.

Who is it for? 

This diploma has been created for businesses with sales teams, both internal and external, at varying levels of experience and training with the key focus being the improvement of team performance as well as the skills of each individual within the team.

Programmes can be tailored for growing and established businesses alike with a flexible approach to both delivery and cost allowing for minimal staff disruption and maximising returns on investment.

How will it benefit my business? 

Benefits of the diploma can be seen immediately through the practical, applicable sales practices delivered from the first day of the training. These practices are linked to your business, meeting KPIs in an accelerated time-frame compared to traditional qualifications and training.

As the diploma delivery and content is tailored towards your business needs and challenges the positive effects of the training are amplified with solutions and tactics being developed by the sales teams as part of the practical element of the training programme.

The Diploma in Operational Sales Excellence has also been endorsed by the ISM (Institute of Sales Management). This endorsement reinforces the benefits of the Diploma in Operational Sales Excellence to both sales individuals and sales team with in an organisation, with the seal of approval from the world's largest sales institute and membership body.

How does delivery work? 

The Diploma in Sales Excellence is tailored to your business needs at all levels allowing the programme to be delivered our blended learning methodology, including face-to-face workshops, or online via tailored interactive eLearning.

All delivery methods are supported by Professional Academy’s learning management system (The Refinery). The Refinery is not only customisable to fit your businesses branding guidelines but also allows for simple and effective management of training cohorts.

Assessments can be completed in the form of an online quiz, role-play session, work-based project or personal reflection, depending on your business needs.

Role-play | Online exam | Reflection

The aim of this module is to develop your sales teams through the sales cycle and to develop their core sales skills. The module will focus on all key elements of the sales cycle from preparation and developing an effective proposition through negotiations, objection handling, questioning, and closing to post-sale evaluation.

Role-play | Online exam | Reflection | Project

The aim of this module is to develop the effectiveness of the activities carried out by your sales teams. The module will focus on key effective areas such as personal development, networking, optimisation of time, collaboration, maximising use of information and understanding buyer behaviour.

Role-play | Online exam | Reflection

The aim of this module is to develop your sales teams understanding of managing the sales pipeline and converting prospects into sales. Outcomes for this module will focus on: forecasting and budgeting; use of CRM; sales & marketing integration; customer segmentation; qualifying skills, and prospecting for new business.

Online exam | Reflection | Project

The aim of this module is to give sales teams the skills required to successfully manage key accounts effectively. The module will look at the relationship between the sales team and key accounts, plans to develop accounts, and analyse their potential and performance.

Online exam | Reflection | Project

The aim of this module is to provide your telesales teams with the core selling skills required to effectively sell and make appointments over the phone. This module will highlight the differences in the telesales selling cycle and effective tele-appointing skills.

Online exam | Reflection | Project

The aim of this module is to allow your sales teams to conduct sales activities within the law as well as in an ethical way. This module can be tailored to include specific regulations and compliances for your business, sector or industry.

Reflection | Project

Develop the key skills needed to be an effective individual within a business such as stress management, organisational skills, and mindfulness.