Media Training

The Media Training short course has been developed by PR Consultant Alex Mallinson to aid those who will have to work closely with media in their day to day lives.

The course is split into three parts:

How the media works

  • Looking in particular at local news and journalists
  • What is news
  • Where to find news
  • What journalists aim to be

Getting the media to use your press release

  • How to best present your press release to increase the chances of it being covered
  • Who to send it to
  • When to send it
  • What to include in it

What to do when a journalist calls

  • What to do when a journalist wants to interview you
  • Things to consider for a phone interview
  • What makes a good TV interview
  • Live interviews

 After successful completion of the tutorials and online assessment, learners will receive a Professional Academy Certificate of Completion. 

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