How to Deliver Successful Sales Presentations

This course is delivered entirely through an eLearning package.

You will learn about the what it takes to deliver a successful sales presentation following the stages of the sales cycle.

The course is split into 4 tutorials:

  • Tutorial 1: What the sales cycle is and how to prepare for presentation.
  • Tutorial 2: The opening stages of the presentation including building a rapport and questioning techniques.
  • Tutorial 3: Presenting your proposition and objection handling
  • Tutorial 4: Closing stages of the presentation including closing methods

What are the benefits of studying this short course?

After completion of the eLearning Short Course you will be comfortable with the knowledge and techniques needed to deliver successful sales presentations.

What will I receive when I have completed this course? 

Once you have full understanding of the theories taught in the eLearning you will be able to take an end of learning assessment. On succsessful completion of the assessment you will receive a certificate of completion endorsed by Professional Academy. 

Who would benefit from this course?

Newcomers to the world of sales undoubtedly benefit from this course. We don’t just tell you about these theories but actually test your understanding of them so you can feel confident going forward that you’re applying these technique directly and effectively in the real world. 

It is not just newcomers however who may consider these courses. You may have worked in sales for many years and even use these techniques already but perhaps you need a refresher? In the end sales is a results driven industry so could it really hurt to revisit and refresh your techniques to help improve your presentation skills and increase your conversions?

This course is available to purchase on the Professional Academy store today.