ISM Certificate in Sales & Marketing (Level 2)

With a practical focus, the ISM Certificate in Sales and Marketing is designed to develop your own practical skills as a sales professional and ensures that you can apply the theory covered to real-life cases and examples. This is an introductory qualification and therefore ideal for school leavers or people very new to sales who wish to have a basic understanding as a foundation to build on, or someone from another basic business background looking to move into sales.

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It is possible to study the ISM level 2 Qualification in Sales and Marketing as the full certificate or as individual awards. The table below explains the different pathway options:

Units Awards in Sales & Marketing* Certificate in Sales & Marketing**
Understanding laws and ethics of selling ✓✓
Understanding Marketing  ✓✓
Understanding buyer behaviour ✓✓
Sales Targets ✓✓
Selling to customers Elective 
Understanding selling to customers Elective
Telesales Elective

*for the Award in Sales & Marketing you would choose ONE module from this column.

**for the Certificate in Sales & Marketing you would study ALL MODULES indicated with ✓✓ and ONE of the modules marked “Elective” in this column as indicated.


There are no formal entry requirements for this sales certificate, however we recommend that this course is most suitable for those age 16 years or over with at least five GCSEs.

If English is not your first language, evidence of at least IELTS level 6.5 or Trinity ISE III/IV will also be required.


The ISM Certificate in Sales and Marketing consists of four mandatory units and three optional units. Students are only required to choose one of the optional units as each of these units are aimed at specific sales professionals:

  • The Selling To Customers unit is suited to practicing sales professionals.
  • The Understanding Selling To Customers is more of a theoretical unit and can be taken by students not employed in a sales role.
  • The Telesales unit is for students working in, or wishing to be in, a telesales role.

If you are unsure about which optional unit to choose, please contact us for advice.

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We believe in a flexible approach and so you can start your studying as soon as you like. Each module typically takes around 2 months to complete meaning the Certificate in Sales and Marketing will take around 10-12 months to complete. These time scales are only guides as you can choose to study at a faster or slower pace to suit your requirements. We commit ourselves to supporting all our students for up to a maximum of two years.

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This unit aims to support learners in understanding the legal and ethical requirements in sales and understand the consequences of non-compliance for individuals, organisations and customers.

This unit will give students an understanding of market segmentation and targeting, how to carry out market research and the marketing mix.

This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of buyer decision-making units, processes and behaviour.

This unit will help students develop an understanding of sales targets and their use, including being responsible for meeting sales targets. It involves agreeing a target for a set operating period or campaign and monitoring actual performance against the agreed target and taking necessary action in response to identified variances and unforeseen developments.

This unit aims to develop the skills of selling to customer face to face.

This unit is about identifying, developing and closing sales over the phone.

You will develop the knowledge and understanding of selling to customers including customer buying needs, promoting benefits and features of your organisation's products and services, responding to and resolving customer objections and agreeing mutually beneficial terms and conditions.