What Colours Say About Your Logo Design and Brand Identity

Written by Professional Academy Guest Blogger Loius Martin

A logo design is a strong visual identity that connects people to your brand. A creative and an enticing logo design strengthens your brand identity and stays as the most reliable symbol of your brand. A logo is an essential need of every business since the beginning. It stays on every single element of your business whether it be the website, stationery or social media pages. People associate themselves with logos which let them identify the brand anywhere anytime by just looking at the logo design.

Every business aims to get their product or service delivered in the fastest and fantastic ways. Thus, a logo is a support system for every business as it builds visibility, gains trust and maintain the goodwill of a brand.

Convincing Enough?

There are still many entrepreneurs and startups that do not understand the importance of a logo design, do not value them and overlook their influence for some other essential elements. We must have heard the advice of investing in a logo design because it is a visual cornerstone and the first impression that a brand gives to its customers.

How a good logo design creates your brand identity?

A good logo design merely is a professional logo design that has the essence and feel of your brand. Think of all the logo designs that you remember in a day. You were able to recall the logos that were unique and associated with your minds. The logos that you just recalled are the ones that were stored in your memory because of their look and attachment they have created with you over the time.

Professional logo design helps your consumers not just to make a fast decision but the right decision. The psychology of logos include fonts, colors, and shape that affects the minds of the consumers, triggers their subconscious side which tends them to make the right purchase decision.

Psychology of Colors in Logo Design:

Colors are everyone’s all-time favorite, and we all needed the best color boxes back in our childhood. Colors trigger the mind of the viewers, and they tend to build their mental association with it. It has always been an essential consideration in your brand identity system and has a significant impact on people’s emotional state.

Each color holds an array of meaning with a ton of senses. They are considered as one of the critical factors in the logo design process for its impact that it puts to the viewers. No doubt, they influence the users but in a different way around the world.

With diverse cultures, each color holds a different meaning and different sense so a professional logo designer must keep in mind the cultural impact while designing a logo.

A professional logo designer must benefit from harnessing and incorporating the colors according to human psychology while designing a logo. The colors are indeed connected with the minds of the consumers and interact with their brains.

Each color has their implication either it is just black or white. Let’s individually discuss the meaning of colors in logo design and the message they deliver to the viewers.


The color red is a sign of energy, aggression, and warmth. Brands that are active and energetic tend to use the color red in their logo design.


Yellow is a warm and friendly color. It is a color that is easy to understand and evokes emotions, clarity, and warmth.


Green is a cool color mostly used to represent calmness and nature. It is often expressed as growth and more of nature-focused.


Blue shows professionalism, integrity, and calmness. It has been shown to tranquil the senses and lower blood pressure. It may stimulate feelings of trust, security, order, and cleanliness.


Black is a sophisticated color that portrays authentication. It leaves a professional and credible look.


Orange is an arousal color that stimulates the feelings of energy and warmth.

Likewise, all colors have their meaning, and a human mind is highly responsive to visual stimuli, and the color is one of the significant factors in getting a response from the customers. No matter, it is consciously or subconsciously, a color conveys meaning in both ways.

Take a note,

The importance of color cannot be better understood than a professional logo designer that knows well to attach the power of color psychology in a design. The use of specific colors in a logo design creates a meaningful and drive first responses of the consumers to drawl their branding messages. Keep in mind that a color’s meaning differs in different countries and cultures; what meaning you may know about color is entirely a different discernment in diverse parts of the world. Also, different tints, shades, and hues of the color change its meaning. So, it is best to be careful which color you would use in your logo design for your brand.

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