The Benefits of Amplified Content [Infographic]

A guest blog from Ivan Serrano

Today, content marketing is one of the top strategies brands have to build awareness and increase their reach. In fact, 86 percent of businesses utilize content marketing and now the field is filled with blogs, videos and whitepapers. Of course not all of the content produced is valuable but with so much created on a daily basis it can still be hard to rise to the top even if you do provide compelling content. This has led to the rise of content amplification – a strategy that focuses on increasing brand visibility across multiple channels.  While content amplification can take many forms, the most common comes in the form of paid media.

Benefits of Paid Content Amplification

If you're like many companies, you likely have little to no social reach. While many marketers used to scoff at the idea of paying for social ads, today it has become a necessity. Even if you have a lot of followers, Facebook's EdgeRank ensures that between 2 to 8 percentof your own Facebook fans will see any given update. Paid social amplification can give you the exposure your content needs and can not only get it in front of your fans, but other people as well. Not only can you increase your reach, but thanks to the ability to highly target these ads to exactly the right audience, you can increase the viral potential of your content. How targeted are these ads? You can choose several different options such as:

  • Explicit and implicit interests – You might not realize it, but every time you like a page, social media sites store this information so advertisers can use it to build targeted segments.
  • Demographics – Most social sites require the most basic demographic information such as age, gender and location. The value cannot be overstated especially if you plan on running targeted local social ads.
  • Keywords – In addition to all of this, you can even find your audience by what they say on their social sites by honing in on specific keywords.

The infographic below can provide you an overview of content amplification best practices, which will ultimately help your brand reach.

Amplified Content infographic

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