Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

The traditional culture of publishing branded content has gone for a spin today. The age-old pushy advertising, cold calling etc., are being slowly replaced by new-age content marketing so much so that the contemporary techniques of brand promotion are expected to not just to lead the future, but become decisive factors for brand survival. Helping the trend are authority and decision makers in Fortune companies who are drastically paying attention to content marketing than they did just a few years ago.

Content marketing is evolving, and is not restricted to writing blogs and white papers. It has become a lot more than drafting, publishing and monitoring audience interests on textual entries. We take a look how content marketing is shaping trends…for better, specifically for brands who are conscious about it!

Top Content Marketing Trends

Brands are leaving their hideout to become self publishers

When it comes to generating content, brands have always been sceptical and to some extent not sure about a defined role. The trend is changing, with brands are now switching their role from requirements generator to outsourced companies to becoming requirements pacifier for their audience. They are becoming publishers and with this helping up opening new jobs in their marketing departments. Even, CEOs and decision makers are turning to authority sites such as LinkedIn to express their views about their products/services or to talk about trends that their audience would want information about. This way, content creation has become essential for them, while the process related other activities are being carried by their respective departments.

Publishing Branded Video Content

Video content is the new buzzword for brands. But when it is about branded video content, the trend is relatively newer. Today, a good portion of creating branded content is about publishing video content and then evenly publishing it across mediums. Brands today understand that their consumers are more intellectual than ever, and that interactive content is the call for today’s evolving readers. To get the job of creating branded video content, they are even bonding with specialized video production companies so that the act of communicating with targeted audience becomes easier.

Having a Massive Presence

One of the interesting aspects in content marketing is that brands are trying to publish as much content as they can, across mediums and networks. This has created a big rock effect for most companies. They are coming up with unique variety of standalone ideas and trying to build a massive content footprint for them, in as many ways as they can. The unique types of content and mediums are ultimately creating improved competition in content landscape and this has actually helping the quality of virtual reading materials

Other trends of content marketing

Brands are creating their textual entries into hubs – to create a branded footprint across circles.

Creating hand-held device oriented content. With people now using handheld devices to read user specific content, brands are employing mobile content specialists to specifically cater to the segment.

These are some of the trends that are helping the content marketing eco system evolve. If you think we have missed out on a point, please have your say.

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