3 Content Marketing Growth Hacks

Written by Professional Academy Guest Blogger Ben Stanford

Humans have an amazing ability to forgive one another for mistakes, they can even forgive companies too, especially if they are reminded that they are compassionate, understanding and reasonable in their mission statement and customer service.

As a company, as long as you can create a plan in advance for your content marketing and can ask quickly and authentically, you will be able to maintain a strong brand reputation in the face of any social media marketing challenge. To get started here are 4 action items for the basis of your content curation and marketing campaign:

1. Create a content marketing plan. What will you do if customers share their experience of your company on YouTube and your planned communication does not go as hoped? Who from your team will respond and how? Who will be held responsible for these accounts?

2. Work with your corporate team and your communications team to establish some guidelines so that when a situation arises, you can quickly respond.

3. Once you have a plan established, run some tests and see how well your organization responds.

4. Make sure you are listening closely and keeping watch on the online conversation from your content marketing efforts, even on weekends and holidays.

Before you promote your article be ready to listen to conversations about your company on social media and be ready to respond to questions that are not directly aimed at you. Become apart of these conversations and get involved in the community related to your company. The desired result from content marketing is to start a buzz about your company, to spread the word on social media platforms.

Realize what you company can do that will separate if from your competitors so your consumers and prospects take notice.

Sharing your article on Quu Promote

Quu Promote is a platform that has real people that will share blog posts on social media. You firstly submit your article to await approval. From here you can get thousands of shares, mentions and clicks. Quu Promote has around 100 categories to choose from to promote your content on so you know you are reaching the right target audience.

Social signals are now an important ranking factor for SEO and Google. The more shares and likes you have for your article the more important your article is viewed in the eyes of Google. By using this platform you may save more time and money then if you hired a link building SEO Company to do the same job.

Sharing your article on Taboola

Taboola allows you to reach specific target audiences by placing your post on relevant sites sharing the same theme to a large user base.

Especially for larger organizations, big promotions can be marketed such as contests and sweepstakes, which can create that WOW factor for participants and winners. If you can use channels such as Taboola to bring people closer to your brand or strengthen that emotional connection, then those contests are most likely to have a long term impact on your content marketing efforts.

When writing an article for this platform develop a strategy on how you can exceed your customers expectations on social media networks to surprise and astonish them. To start write down five ways you, as the consumer could be surprised in a good way, by the strategic outcomes that may arise from your companies content marketing efforts.

Sharing your articles on Outbrain

Outbrain is a content marketing agency which places your content posts on websites. It is similar to PPC though it is targeted for content marketing.

With this tool it allows you to understand the audiences you are reaching so you can compare your performance against similar posts in the industry. We tested out this platform for a WooCommerce Guide to determine what kind of budget we would need to achieve certain milestones. We found that a budget of $100 per month far exceeded our expectations.

When you submit your article create a social network communications plan that includes unique language about talking to your customers and prospects. No matter what you budget, a unique agenda and proposal can differentiate you, make people smile and make people share your content on social media.

You can read how other companies have used outbrain content marketing to achieve online traffic goals with their case studies page.

It doesn’t matter how good your marketing is if your customer service doesn’t make people smile. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on PPC content marketing, how many Facebook likes you acquire if you don’t respond to people's questions or comments.

So, before you spend lots of time and money on social media marketing for your content, you have to make sure you have likeable customer service, likeable sales people and likeable products.

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