The Power of Localised SEO

Anne McCloskey Marketing Executive at Professional Academy

It’s not called the World Wide Web for nothing, and you can use it to sell almost anything, anywhere, so what is the power of localised SEO? In In this blog, we delve into the advantages of tailoring your marketing strategies to cater to specific regions. 

Why Not? 

Let’s get the main objection out of the way. Having carefully chosen your keywords and optimised your website content, won’t SEO localisation take too much time for not enough return? While it's true that localisation requires time, the benefits it brings far outweigh the investment. 

The Benefits of Localised SEO:

The main benefits of Localised SEO are: 

  1. Expanded Market Reach: by delivering content in local languages, you tap into international consumer bases, broadening your market reach. 

  1. Enhanced Credibility and Trust: Tailoring your content to local audiences fosters credibility and builds trust, crucial for establishing long-term relationships. 

  1. More than Translation: Localisation isn't merely about language translation; it encompasses cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, and context, making your content more relevant and impactful. 

  1. Cost Savings: Avoid costly blunders by ensuring your products or services don't inadvertently offend or convey unintended meanings in local languages. 

  1. Leveraging Local Culture: Seize opportunities to promote offerings by aligning with local customs, holidays, and cultural events, enabling multiple marketing touchpoints throughout the year. 


Top Tips for SEO Localisation:

Here are our top tips to help you succeed in SEO localisation: 

  • Conduct Local Keyword Research: Optimise translated content with localised keywords to enhance SEO effectiveness. 

  • Translate Metadata and Alt-text: Ensure all elements, including metadata and alt-text on images, are translated for comprehensive SEO optimisation. 

  • Update Coding: Implement structural changes to indicate to search engines the intended audience for specific pages, avoiding duplicate content issues. 

  • Build Local Backlinks: Seek out local backlinks to reinforce the credibility and trustworthiness of your localised pages. 

  • Adapt to Cultural differences: Tailor content layout and presentation to suit the preferences of the local audience. 

  • Display Prices in Local Currencies: Enhance user experience by presenting prices in familiar currencies. 

  • Offer Site Localisation Options: Empower visitors to select their preferred local version of your site, enhancing accessibility and engagement.


In essence, the investment in SEO localisation yields manifold benefits, from broader market reach and enhanced credibility to cost savings and strategic leveraging of local culture. By embracing localisation, businesses can transcend geographical barriers and forge deeper connections with diverse audiences, ultimately driving sustainable growth and success. 

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