The Case for Taking a Digital Marketing courses

Anne McCloskey Marketing Executive at Professional Academy

Digital marketing is the future: 

As both consumers and business are doing more online research before purchasing, digital marketing has become crucial to business success. For senior marketers, studying a digital marketing courses ensures they understand the latest technologies and tools, how these are deployed, and keeps their skills relevant in the job market.

In-demand skill set: 

Marketers have so many jokes about the ever increasing, and complex, skills they are expected to have. Only a few years ago we were expected to be experts in script writing, lighting, cinematography, sound, and editing. Now, text-to-video AI is making these skills redundant. Marketers have to keep running, just to keep up.

Digital marketing is an in-demand skill set, and employers are actively seeking candidates with digital skills to keep their marketing efforts focused and relevant in a digital landscape.

Knowledge Gap: 

For senior marketers and marketing managers, failure to keep up with digital marketing will result in gaps when it comes to strategic planning and budgeting. It may also mean they won’t understand what their SEO, PPC, social media, and content designer subordinates are doing, and make it difficult to properly recruit for these positions.

This problem may disproportionately affect women who have been out of the workplace for several years and missed emerging marketing techniques.

Increased career opportunities:

A digital marketing course gives you a competitive edge in the job market and opens up a range of career opportunities. You can become a specialist in a particular area of digital marketing such as content management or SEO. Being able to demonstrate digital skills will give you a stronger negotiating position when it comes to salary. With a digital marketing qualification, you can expect to earn more than your peers who are not trained in digital marketing. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, studying digital marketing qualification allows you to develop and implement effective marketing strategies that can drive growth and improve business performance.


The principles of marketing may have remained the same, but digital implementation has caused rapid changes in the way marketing activities are prioritised and implemented. Taking a digital marketing qualification will fill the gaps in your knowledge and help you developing missing skills. It will also provide tangible proof of your capabilities – essential when it comes to asking for that promotion or moving to a new employer.


Professional Academy offers the CIM Digital Marketing Courses, and the CIM Level 6 Specialist Awards – five short courses that focus on specific aspects of digital marketing. Check out the AI Award

If you are looking to upskill your marketing juniors, we also offer CIM Level 3, 4 marketing qualifications, and the Multi-channel Marketer Apprenticeship.