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Level 4

New 2024 Syllabus Level 4 Certificate in Professional and Digital Marketing

Who is Level 4 For?

The Level 4 Certificate in Professional and Digital Marketing builds on your tactical marketing skills enabling you to advance your marketing career and perform professionally at an operational level.

This Certificate is intended for marketing executives, or similar level, who already have experience of working in marketing and wish to progress their careers.

Entry Requirements:

One or more of the following is required:

  • CIM Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing qualification.
  • Any relevant Level 3 qualification.
  • Any UK degree or international equivalent.
  • International Baccalaureate (equivalent to NQF Level 3 and above).
  • Professional practice (suggested one year in a marketing role) plus diagnostic assessment onto Level 4.

Length of Study and Assessment:

The level 4 qualification typically spans 6-9 months, requiring a commitment of approximately 3 hours per week of direct learning. This timeframe is flexible, allowing you to adjust the duration to fit your work or other commitments. Additionally, you will have extra learning hours for work-based learning, supported self-study, assessment preparation, and assessments.

The mandatory module is assessed via an online multiple-choice question test, comprising 75 questions to be completed within 120 minutes.

All other modules are assessed via an online multiple-choice test, comprising 50 questions to be completed within 90 minutes.

Certificate Structure

The New 2024 Syllabus Level 4 Certificate consists of four modules, one mandatory and three elective. You MUST select at least one module from each of the Groups.

Option 1
Marketing Impact (Mandatory)
Option 2
Marketing Impact (Mandatory)

Module Details

To obtain the Extended Level 4 Certificate you must complete a fifth module from either Group.
"The Level 4 is where marketers start to blossom. I love working with students as they develop practical skills, broaden their experience and possibly find a particular niche to pursue their future career path."

- Dr Margaret Hyde BA (Hons) Level 4 Module Tutor

Margaret Hyde