Ways to stay positive in times of crisis

By Abby Rolfe, Digital Marketing Executive at Professional Academy

Whilst things may not be perfect in the world right now, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to be positive about. The news has had a negative effect on even the most optimistic thinkers among us, but homing in on the good things will ensure we all have the strength to weather this storm. The end result? We’ll come out of this stronger and more resilient than ever.

Focus on the good news

Believe it or not, there are plenty of positive news stories out there.

Overall, humans have shown an overwhelming sense of solidarity and care for those who need it. Examples include housing homeless in hotels in central London, special opening times in supermarkets for elderly and vulnerable people, and communities coming together to support those in self-isolation by delivering supplies or having a chat over the phone.

Additionally, pollution and warming gases have reduced by almost 50% worldwide compared to last year. Humans taking a break has allowed nature to thrive, with animals in places like Japan and India roaming the now-quiet streets. Koalas have also finally been returned to the wild in Australia, following the devastating wildfires that burned over 2.5 million acres of land.

Appreciate the little things

Realise that they really are the big things.

Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have or can’t do, concentrate on small pieces of happiness. The smell of fresh coffee, lovely spring weather, spending more time to really connect with those you live with – children, partners, friends, (even pets!). Appreciate the wonders of modern technology that let you video call and play online games with your friends and relatives, even when you’re not physically together.

We must be proactive in our positivity. Try and live in the moment and be mindful, giving your brain the opportunity to properly experience each happy moment. This boosts your serotonin levels, also known as ‘the happy chemical’, which regulates mood and makes you feel calm.

Connect with nature

Given the current limitations, it may seem difficult to enjoy the great outdoors.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of what you’ve got. The blossom is out, the bees are buzzing and it’s finally light in the mornings and evenings. Nobody can cancel spring or tell it to come back in 6 months. And there’s no rules against looking out of your window!

Even a short walk or run per day to enjoy the fresh air and nature that spring has to offer is the perfect way to lift the spirits. For those lucky people with gardens, wildlife is right on your doorstep! Discover Wildlife have compiled a helpful list of ways to enjoy the wonders of spring whilst staying at home.

Be thankful for one-another

This is a great time to focus on the strength of every individual that has worked incredibly hard throughout this crisis. Our resilient doctors and health workers, scientists working round the clock to develop a vaccine, philanthropists donating to find a cure, and those working through unprecedented tough times in ‘essential’ industries are a testament to the power of humans when we work together.

And just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate your friends and family. If you’re missing them, why not schedule virtual meetups on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Facebook? Netflix’s ‘party’ extension also allows you to have long-distance movie nights and TV marathons!

Use downtime to grow personally and professionally

Many of us are now faced with unexpected amounts of free time. Although binge watching TV series and playing video games is a good idea for some of that time, why not also take this chance to be productive?

You could start learning that language you’ve always been putting off, take up a hobby such as painting or knitting, and get in shape with a makeshift home-gym.

Take a look at your personal development plan and see what professional goals and objectives you can achieve whilst you’re working from home.

Online courses are a great way to build up your skills and fit perfectly into the current climate. Professional Academy’s great range of sales, management and marketing courses all feature excellent eLearning materials and tutor support – from wherever you are. We are also offering interactive virtual workshops until face-to-face workshops resume later this year. 

This is a tough time for the world right now, but we can learn a lot from it. Like the value of a social connection, the importance of enjoying the outdoors, travel, and spending face-to-face time with the people we care about. It might make us realise we took a lot for granted; and teach us to appreciate more and think differently. Positivity can help us get through this, by helping us realise what we have in the moment and changing the way we approach a crisis, for the better.

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