Changes to CIM's Chartered Marketer Status

The CIM has recently changed its rules on who can become a Chartered Marketer. The change comes as there has been recognition for the need to include marketers at a more inclusive level.

Younger, less experienced marketers were not previously able to gain the status but now Associate (ACIM) members can become Chartered Marketers as well as FCIM (Fellow) and MCIM (Member), after completing 2 years of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

It’s a positive decision as it encourages employers to consider those fresher to the industry, rewards proficient digital skills in junior marketers, and provides them with a way to get ahead of the competition for entry level and junior roles.

Associate members can include:

  • Marketers that are early in their career, fresh into the industry with either a CIM qualification or a degree
  • Those who have been working in marketing for 3 years with some influence over budgets

Why become a Chartered Marketer?

  • Be recognised by managers and peers as an expert in marketing, even early in your career
  • Ensure your skills are relevant and up to date with CPD
  • Gain a competitive advantage for job roles and promotions
  • Be able to display the letters CMktr after your name / adopt the designation of Chartered Marketer and use a logo on business cards, CVs, etc

The changes CIM have made to Chartered Marketer Status offers a great opportunity for those wishing to gain further recognition of their commitment to Marketing at an earlier stage in their career. Another fantastic opportunity to stand out from the competition when looking to gain a promotion or find a new marketing role.

Philip Perren, Senior Qualifications Adviser at Professional Academy

New pathway to becoming a Chartered Marketer

Chartered Marketer Status pathway diagram

More information about Chartered Marketer status and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is available on the CIM website.

If you have any questions about becoming a Chartered Marketer or would like to learn more about how our Marketing (CIM), Management (CMI) and Sales (ISM) qualifications can count towards your CPD, please get in touch with one of our qualifications advice team today.