AI and Up-skilling in Marketing

Nadio Granata, Tutor, Professional Academy

In an era marked by swift technological advancements and shifting market dynamics, the importance of continual professional development cannot be overstressed. The AI Index Report 2024 underscores the transformative impact of AI across various sectors, revealing critical insights that necessitate upskilling and retraining, particularly for marketing professionals. 

Key Report Elements for Marketers:

  1. Accelerated AI Integration: AI’s integration into business is scaling rapidly, making it essential for marketers to understand AI-driven analytics and tools 

  1. Generative AI Surge: Investment in generative AI technologies is booming, presenting new opportunities in content creation 

  1. AI-Driven Job Market Transformations: The job landscape is evolving with AI, affecting roles, skills, and employment strategies 

  1. Shifting Public Perception: Increased public awareness and concern about AI impacts customer relations and business strategies 

  1. Regulatory Adjustments: A growing body of AI regulations demands compliance and awareness from businesses 

  1. Ethical AI Challenges: The lack of standardised ethical AI practices increases risks for businesses, highlighting the need for ethical training 

  1. Cybersecurity Enhancements through AI: AI's role in cybersecurity presents new protective measures for sensitive data 

  1. AI and Data Privacy: Increasing concerns over AI and privacy such as GDPR implications require vigilant compliance 

  1. Global AI Competitiveness: Understanding global AI trends helps position businesses strategically on the international stage 

  1. AI in Customer Service: AI enhancements in customer service improve engagement and operational efficiencies 

  1. Importance of AI Ethics and Governance: Adopting ethical AI practices is crucial for maintaining public trust 

  1. Retail Innovations through AI: AI applications in retail from inventory to personalised shopping enhance customer experiences 

  1. AI’s Role in Sustainability: AI's potential in addressing environmental challenges offers new market opportunities.

The Benefits of Up-skilling For Marketers:

Marketers already know that they have to continuously upgrade existing skills and acquire new skills as the duties that fall to them evolve. AI, and the various tools it has spawned is just the latest ‘big thing’. However, as shown above, AI has implications beyond using Chat GPT to create social posts and Marketers require a deep understanding of what AI is, and the many ways it can impact marketing, whole organisations, and the business landscape as a whole. 

So, it makes sense for marketers to obtain formal AI training, which offers the following benefits: 

Strategic skill enhancement: The course enhances strategic thinking and application in marketing, crucial for navigating the complexities introduced by AI and digital transformation 

Career Advancement: Advanced qualifications open pathways to higher roles and responsibilities, directly influencing career progression and salary increments 

Networking Opportunities: Engaging with peers and industry leaders during the course broadens professional networks, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations 

Immediate ROI: Implementing advanced marketing strategies and insights gained from the course can lead to immediate improvements in job performance and business outcomes. 


There are various AI courses available for marketers and the one offered by Professional Academy is the CIM Level 6 Specialist Award. This provides an exemplary pathway for mid-level marketing managers in the UK to refine their strategic skills and stay competitive. It emphasizes strategic marketing skills essential in the digital age, and not only aligns with the needs highlighted by the AI Index but also addresses the broader competencies required in a digitally transformed market. 

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