Top 15 Essential Online Tools & Apps for Digital Marketers

Written by Professional Academy Guest Blogger Sharon Conwell

Digital marketers have a mammoth task on their hands as they are leading the charge in a constantly changing field. The rules of the game are constantly shifting, and practices that were once guaranteed to produce successful results will now fail to attract any attention for your business. It’s essential to stay on top of all of the changes in this field as if you don’t keep on top of the developing field, you could find yourself left behind. Fortunately all of the tools and apps listed below are designed to help you stay afloat with current trends, as well as stay one step ahead of future developments.

1.     SEO Site Check Up

SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, as without it your online presence will not find your audience at all. This helps monitor your SEO as well as your competitors’ SEO so you can make sure you are leading your industry.

2.     Quill Engage

If you’re a marketer who is only just expanding into the digital field, then this tool could prove to be essential. While you will have heard of google analytics, it may be proving difficult to interpret them. This site can fix that problem by explaining analytics in plain, easy to understand English.

3.     Sprout Social

Sprout Social can help manage all of your social media profiles, which helps make sure that you are totally on top of responses, comments, and shares and stay in control of your pages. It also helps you with engagement, which is essential for social media.

4.     Ox Essays

Most digital marketers are aware that any blog posts, updates, or press releases need to be written perfectly in order to be taken seriously. Without flawless spelling and grammar and flowing, fluid English, you can appear incompetent and sloppy. Hiring a professional editor or proof reader with Ox Essays is a great way to make sure all of your updates are perfect.

5.     Bitly

We are all now aware that links to your site around the web are good for SEO. However, the best links will help drive traffic to your site directly, and this tool helps you monitor links to see which are sending traffic and which aren’t. It’s a great way to monitor this specific aspect of analytics and decide where to devote your attention in the future.

6.     Offer Pop

This is a great tool if you’re looking for a big push in engagement and want to really drive some traffic your way. This is effective as the content used is largely user-generated, meaning it’s a true reflection of what people are looking for.

7.     Google Analytics

While you may have a huge host of analytical tools, it’s not complete without Google Analytics, which is a free tool that provides a holistic view of your site. There’s a vast amount of information available for your website on Google Analytics, so it’s worth knowing how to use this properly.

8.     Australian Help

As blogs are a huge part of digital marketing and can have a huge impact on SEO it’s important to make sure they’re perfect. Hiring an expert editor or proof reader to review your content before you post it online is a great way of ensuring everything is perfect.

9.     Apps Geyser

The next big thing with content marketing is creating apps for your users. Most businesses now offer them, and as more tasks are completed online, they’re becoming essential to really stay competitive. This tool helps make creating an app a simple, stress-free process.

10.     We Video

While blog posts may make up the bulk of your digital marketing, changing formats from time to time is undeniably beneficial. Videos, especially when they’re shared over Facebook or Twitter are a great way to encourage engagement, and this is a tool that makes them really easy to make and edit.

11.     Simply Measured

While there are plenty of tools for website analytics, most companies also need something for their social media activity. This is a great way to monitor the effectiveness of your social media activity, and once you can see clearly what’s happening you can improve it.

12.     Paper Fellows

When you first start writing online content, it can be hard to know where to start, but fortunately there are plenty of handy guides available on this website that you can use for inspiration.

13.     Hoot Suite

This is an immensely popular tool that completely manages all of your social media profiles and pages. With it, you can monitor hashtags, keywords, check analytics and even schedule posts to be published. If you’re struggling to stay on top of your profiles and keep them uniform, then this is the perfect tool for you.

14.     Mail Chimp

This is a widely used platform that provides an old school service that still produces amazing results – email marketing. Free plans are available, and the email campaigns are easy to design but produce incredibly effective results.

15.     Ad Roll

Ads are great, but retargeted ads can prove to be even more effective as they’re aimed at people who are definitely interested in your business. This is one of the most efficient sites for retargeted ads. While this is generally self-service, there are plenty of staff available to help you out when necessary too.

While maintaining a sustained digital marketing campaign is difficult, it is made a whole lot easier when you use the above tools.

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