Revisiting Marketing Theories Explained: YouTube

Professional Academy’s webinar series, Marketing Theories Explained, aired its final session on RABOSTIC on the 15th July 2020 – finishing off the 6-part series with a useful model that neatly ties everything together!

The series explored common marketing theories right from research and planning to tactics and implementation. The sessions are great for beginner or intermediate marketers, or even seasoned pros looking to brush up on up-to-date overviews of some valuable and versatile theories!

To be a great marketer it’s essential to make the most of these models as they allow you to look at the bigger picture when it comes to your marketing campaigns and activity. Not only that, they also ensure you have a clear idea of where your brand currently is – highlighting opportunities and potential threats for the future.

Below are the theories we covered:

1. PESTELE analysis

This is a tool used by marketers to evaluate the macro (external) environmental factors that have an impact on an organisation.

2. SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis explores (internal) strengths and weaknesses, and (external) opportunities and threats to gather a clear picture of ways you are, aren't, and can be achieving.

3. Marketing mix

This incorporates the 7 Ps of marketing - a set of recognised tactics that belong at the heart of your marketing strategy.

4. Communications mix

The Communications Mix defines the ways you communicate with customers and potential customers.  A good marketing campaign will consider all areas of the mix for an integrated multi-channel approach.

5. Consumer decision making process

An important part of marketing is learning about your customers. Everyone goes through a journey (whether consciously or not) when they buy a product or service - from the recognition of their need right up to purchase and review.


The RABOSTIC tool is a great way to research, plan and implement marketing activities and campaigns. It takes you through every stage to ensure you've covered all the bases.

Missed the series or couldn’t make a few sessions?

Don’t worry! Every webinar was recorded, and they can be found on the Professional Academy YouTube channel.

The events are presented by marketing maverick Peter Sumpton - a CIM examiner, Professional Academy tutor, podcaster and marketing consultant!

Peter breaks down each model into an easy to understand way and shows how you can apply them to any business effectively.   

We hope every session brings some value, wherever you are in your marketing journey!