Introducing the new CIM Marketing Qualifications

As of July 2019 we are happy to be sharing with you the new syllabus from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) which will run across all qualifications from Foundation (Level 3) to Certificate (Level 4) and Diploma (Level 6).

When we say ‘new’ that might not be entirely correct in all cases, refreshed, revised or updated may be more accurate, but either way there are some exciting new developments with the CIM qualifications moving forward.

Why has the syllabus changed?

As we all know, marketing is an ever evolving and changing discipline, affected by new technology, economical factors, and constantly changing marketplaces. As such the CIM are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and relevant courses as possible.

This new syllabus will replace the current syllabus which will remain available to study until December 2020. The new syllabus will officially run from September 2019 to 2024 when another syllabus refresh will be undertaken.

Keeping the worlds most recognised qualifications as relevant as possible to the day-to-day realities of marketers is key to the success of the CIM programmes, and as much as providers like Professional Academy update delivery and materials on a regular basis, it is important that the core syllabus is always periodically reviewed and improved.

What’s changed?

A fair bit has been updated across the Foundation, Certificate, and Diploma level qualifications on an individual syllabus level, but we wanted to highlight a few key areas of development in the new syllabus.

All qualifications are certified as Professional

This may sound like a small change, but it is a very important one, from Foundation to Diploma all CIM qualifications are now qualifications in ‘Professional Marketing’.

This change brings the Foundation Certificate in Marketing in line with the two higher level qualifications and gives those entering marketing from an introductory level the same confidence in their qualifications as those studying the Professional Certificate and Professional Diploma enjoy.

CIM digital marketing qualifications at all levels!

Whilst the CIM have always provided a digital module and Award at each level, it is now possible to achieve a CIM digital marketing qualification at all levels which breakdown as follows:

The combination of the CIM’s authority in the sector and the ‘Professional Digital Marketing’ qualification give marketers specialising in digital marketing a chance to gain industry recognition in their speciality area whilst also receiving their qualification from the most recognised marketing institute in the world.

More choice at a senior marketing level

Whilst the new choices for Foundation (level 3) and Certificate (level 4) qualifications are fantastic and allow for those in a tactical marketing role to define a career path, it is the strategic Diploma Level where the new syllabus has excelled.

Not only is there an option of choosing either the Diploma in Professional Marketing or Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing, those choosing the Diploma in Professional Marketing will have three electives to choose from, alongside the two mandatory modules.

The three elective modules tackle specific challenges faced by strategic marketers and marketing managers, and as not all marketing roles are the same, they allow marketers to choose the module that would benefit themselves and their business the most.

The elective modules are:

  • The Digital Customer Experience
  • Resource Management
  • Managing Brand

By coupling the elective choice with the mandatory modules of Marketing & Digital Strategy, and Innovation in Marketing, marketers will be able to tailor their strategic marketing qualification to better suit their specific development and business needs.

And there’s more…

There have been specific changes for each level, we have specific information pages which break down each qualification.

You can find the links for these breakdowns below:

You can also discuss any questions you have on the new qualifications with our qualifications advice team by calling them on 01223 365 505 or emailing

It certainly is an exciting time, a new syllabus always brings a fresh wave of ideas into the marketing qualification environment, some things will carry over and be eternal in marketing (SWOT analysis anybody?) but there will be new ideas and ways of thinking that are explored in the revised syllabus which is always good for the industry.

What level is right for me?

If you would like to know which qualification and course best suits your development needs you can speak to our qualifications team or complete our quick entry level assessment, which will give you an idea on the right qualification level for you.

When can I sign up?

Registration is open now via the Professional Academy online store, with the first assessment for new modules taking place in April 2020, but you can get started this Summer/Autumn with the transitional modules in place for the December 2019 board. Our qualifications team can provide you with more information on the best study plan for you.

Can I still study the previous syllabus?

Yes, the final assessment board for the current syllabus is December 2020 giving you over a year to complete the previous syllabus. Some modules have not carried over to the new syllabus so you may feel the previous syllabus better suits your needs, certainly something worth speaking to our qualifications team about.