How a CMI Management Qualification can Help your Career

Thinking of studying a CMI qualification but not sure what the benefits are to you? We get many questions here at Professional Academy about our qualifications, such as 'How will it help my career?'; 'Will I have time to do the studying?'; and 'Why should I study with Professional Academy?'

That's why we're telling you about five great benefits to get CMI qualified.

1. Learning essential skills you can use straight away

As soon as you start your CMI Management qualification, you'll acquire useful, valuable and essential knowledge and skills that can be put into practise straight away in your management role. You will also be developing new skills to add to the ones you already have!

2. Add credibility to your experience

Completing a CMI qualification means that you'll not only have experience in being a manager, but you'll also have an accredited qualification which will benefit you and future employers.

3. Become more confident

If you're new to management and need some help in figuring out what type of leader you are or, have been in your career path for years and just feel like you need a quick refresher, the CMI qualification could help you become more confident and self-assured with undertaking your daily tasks and planning strategies.

4. Define your management style

The key components of management and leadership styles are attitudes and behaviours, including: what a manager says; how they say it; the example they set; their body language; and their general conduct and demeanour. By studying a CMI qualification you'll be able to learn more about what kind of management style works for you and your team.

5. Reduce your stress

From the moment you start your CMI Management qualification, you'll learn many different aspects of being a valued and productive manager. You'll also learn how to reduce stresses which managers sometimes encounter and by understanding how to manage your time, you'll become a efficent as a manager. Building up your confidence and becoming more self-assured is also a benefit and another way to help reduce your stress levels.

Why study with Professional Academy?

Here at Professional Academy we offer up to two years support, allowing you to have complete flexibility in your studies - even if you choose to pause your qualification at any point. Being a CMI accredited study centre, means we tailor our teaching and support to match the learning outcomes based on the syllabus guides for each CMI course. We offer two distinct study methods, which are listed below. Both study methods are fully supported by Professional Academy's  100% Pass Guarantee.

Blended learning

This mode of study provides you with face-to-face tutor-led workshops. You will benefit from our industry experienced tutors and from finding out how other students in various business sectors approach management related problems. Before and after the workshops, you will continue your studies in your own time with full tutor support. This means that if you have any questions about your learning and need some clarification or answers you will be able to contact your tutor.

Supported self-study

Studying via our distance learning option means that you have the freedom to study at your own pace. All your studying is done in your own time, but you still benefit from the same level of tutor and study support as learners on our blended programmes.

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