CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing

The CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing will establish the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to perform at a management level and to carry out an essential and successful professional marketing role within the workplace.It is aimed at the professional marketer working in an operational, supervisory or management role who wishes to develop their knowledge and skills across a range of areas to succeed and progress their career in marketing. Typical job titles may include the following: Marketing Manager, Marketing and Communications Manager, Corporate Communications Manager and Brand Manager.

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CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing


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Aims of the module

This module will enable you to take both a traditional and digital strategic approach to marketing planning, integrating digital strategy, models, frameworks and techniques throughout to achieve competitive advantage. You will be able to recognise the significance of situation analysis and use techniques to assess the external and internal environments that enable effective decision making. You will also be able to apply all stages within the marketing planning process from the audit, through strategic decision making, to implementation of plans across both traditional and digital channels. Finally, you will learn how to manage resources and employ monitoring and measurement techniques that enable the achievement of strategic marketing objectives.

Assessment: Work-based assignment

Situation Analysis

  • Understand how to analyse an organisation's current and future internal and external environments
  • Interpret relevant information and insights to recommend and inform strategic decision making


  • Develop marketing objectives and strategy to deliver organisational objectives
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan and a supporting marketing mix to deliver marketing objectives

Implementation and Control

  • Define the resources required to deliver the strategic marketing plan
  • Apply the results of monitoring and measurements, and adapt the marketing plan for continuous improvement

Aims of the module

This module enables you to take a visionary approach and embed innovation to help your organisation deal with the challenges of a fast-moving marketplace. You will be able to understand the relationship between marketing and innovation and recognise the key factors in building and nurturing innovation within the marketing function. You will also be able to use internal and external marketing in supporting a specific innovation.

Assessment: Work-based assignment


  • Understand how innovation and disruption are influencing organisational growth
  • Assess the key factors that facilitate innovation in organisations

Innovative Marketing

  • Apply principles of innovation throughout the marketing function
  • Develop a business case for a marketing related innovation

Innovation in Action

  • Understand the activities required for the implementation of innovative marketing
  • Develop a plan for the communication of innovation

Aims of the module

Customer behaviour has dramatically changed with the digital revolution. This module provides you with insights into the digital customer experience and highlights ways to adapt to this changing marketing, allowing you to fulfil customers' strategic needs. It will provide the knowledge and skills to select appropriate channels to market to meet objectives. It will also help to ensure you provide the desired customer experience, by understanding the customers' journey while complying with relevant legislation and regulation.

Assessment: Work-based assignment

Channel Selection and Customer Insights

  • Assess the strategic options for channel selection
  • Understand relevant insights into digital customers

Managing Channels

  • Understand how digital channels are managed effectively in practice
  • Define requirements for legal compliance in digital campaigns

Digital Customer Experience

  • Understand the customer journey
  • Develop plans to improve the user experience

Aims of the module

This module enables you to adopt a strategic approach to the implementation of marketing plans to meet marketing and business objectives. You will be able to deploy a full range of resources to optimise marketing results in an efficient and effective manner. Finally, you will gain the knowledge and skills to manage finances, which are essential in ensuring a return on the marketing investment, made within your organisation.

Assessment: Work-based assignment

Managing People

  • Develop and manage the marketing team>
  • Know how to improve marketing performance through people

Marketing Resources

  • Assess the effectiveness of the current resource mix
  • Develop plans to improve marketing performance through an optimised resource mix

Marketing Financials

  • Apply appropriate techniques to manage the marketing budget
  • Define ways of monitoring, evaluating and reporting the financial performance of marketing

Aims of the module

This module enables you to take a strategic approach to branding at a product/service level so that it is consistent with the corporate brand and impacts reputation positively. You will gain the skills to establish and position brand strategy, and also manage the brand so it continues to deliver the brand promise. You will also be able to ensure the success of the brand through adequate resourcing and monitor and maintain the brand in the long term.

Assessment: Work-based assignment

Brand Strategy

  • Understand how brands are defined and positioned to add value to organisations
  • Assess the elements of brand strategy

Brand Management

  • Understand the factors that drive brand identity and success
  • Develop a brand plan to deliver the brand strategy

Brand Metrics

  • Apply a range of techniques to manage the resources to deliver the brand plan
  • Interpret brand metrics and adapt the brand plan for continuous improvement


One or more of the following is required to gain entry onto this qualification:

  • Any CIM Level 4 Certificate qualification. 
  • Any relevant Level 4 qualification
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a recognised university, with at least one third of credits coming from marketing content (ie 120 credits in Bachelor's degrees or 60 credits with Master's degrees)
  • Professional practice (suggested two years marketing in an operational role) and diagnostic assessment onto Level 6

If English is not your first language, you will also need to provide evidence of achieving one of the following English Language qualifications within the last two years: IELTS Academic Module with overall score of 6.5 (each component pass mark must be 6.0 or above) or Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English grade B or above. CIM will consider other equivalent alternatives.

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