Rebecca Craven

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Rebecca Craven

Rebecca’s marketing career started in early 2000 where she spent several years as a member of a large and busy team at Great North Eastern Railway.  This period was an exciting time, being involved with the creation of television adverts, large print campaigns and a photo shoot with Cosmopolitan magazine.  Following this Rebecca worked in large visitor attractions and museums across Yorkshire, with a specialism in developing products for the education market, such as Tudor workshops for younger children, or tourism sessions for college visitors.

Part of Rebecca’s marketing career was within the charity sector, which established her talents in learning new skills and adapting to less resources, including taking a lead in the new social media and digital opportunities which were then emerging.

Eager to explore training opportunities more fully, Rebecca started working freelance in 2014 and alongside offering marketing services, she also began developing workshops in social media and marketing planning.  Whilst pursuing training projects, she discovered apprenticeships and discovered where her true passion and skills lie- in working with those wanting to start or develop their own marketing careers.

For the last few years Rebecca has worked with digital marketing apprentices, ranging from 3 day social media workshops, or small group webinars, to workplace 1-2-1 mentoring.  She loves the variety of different apprentices, job roles and employers, which all bring something unique to the dynamic of a successful apprenticeship qualification.