John Chacksfield

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John Chacksfield

John started life as a bit of a techie and soon became hooked after discovering the internet in 1998 whilst working in business development. John quickly became competent in writing HTML and set up an internet café, and later on running his own online furniture business.

He then set up his own company Sharpmonkeys which specialises in developing digital marketing strategies for clients all over the UK where he gets the chance to get under the skin of brands and the brand experience online. John has a natural ability to walk with the techies and talk with the business strategists allowing him to successfully straddle both disciplines.

Throughout his career, John has had a passion for building competitive advantage using technology and is highly interested in the neuroscience aspect in terms of how people react with technology and how it is shaping our lives. He finds it particularly fascinating watching his 9 year old son get to grips with the latest devices as if it is second nature.

John is the primary digital marketing tutor for Professional Academy and is a strong believer in bringing “real life” experiences into digital marketing and helping his students understand how technology works in real businesses.