Doreen Ward

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Doreen Ward

Doreen's commercial experience is that of a Manager with both a British and American Multi-National organisation.  During this time Doreen was responsible for co-ordinating business arrangements for several 'Blue Chip' companies and supporting all marketing activities, particularly Public Relations.  Doreen travelled extensively in her role as manager.

Doreen is a Lecturer in Business & Management discipline areas with specific Marketing Qualifications. She has been a CIM accredited Tutor for a number of years within the Professional Division of Higher Education, and has taught students at all three levels of CIM programmes of study.

Doreen is committed to marketing education and has taught the student who achieved the CIM student of the year award at Post Graduate Diploma Level. Doreen also encouraged and supported a team of students to enter the North West Regional CIM Marketing competition who were awarded second place for their marketing plan.

Her interests are Management Development and International Research along with a commitment to mentoring students to achieve success.

Doreen has been awarded a Fellowship, by examination, by the Institute of Travel and Tourism and has recently achieved the upgrade to A1 assessor award.