Delivery Methods

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Delivery Methods

We’re at the cutting edge when it comes to delivering in-company training, mixing multiple styles of delivery from face-to-face workshops to interactive e-learning.

Because we offer the full range of delivery options and understand the individual strengths of each solution, we can create the ideal mix to suit your business, your people and your objectives.

Face-to-face delivery

We design and facilitate interactive workshops built around action-based learning, allowing your employees to apply what they learn in the workplace straight away. We can organise in-company workshops, host them off-site or integrate your employees into our regular programme of professional development training.

Virtual delivery

We can deliver complete programmes using the latest virtual interactive classrooms, scheduled to suit your global location and working hours, greatly reducing time away from the business.

Blended delivery

By skilfully combining virtual and face-to-face delivery, we can create an incredibly efficient and effective programme that is convenient for employees, embeds learning quickly and delivers outstanding results.

To deliver exceptional support for our in-company training programmes, we also offer:

  • Access to our online learning management system
  • Unique study guides and interactive learning resources
  • One-on-one tutor support, coaching and mentoring
  • A dedicated account manager to oversee the project