Management and Leadership (Level 5)

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CMI Management and Leadership Courses (Level 5)

Building on your ‘hands on’ management experience, this course focuses on the practical aspects of management including using plans to manage resources, personnel and customer awareness.

Who are Management and Leadership qualifications for?

Designed for those who are relatively new or are already operating in a first-line management or a supervisory role and this qualification is ideal if you wish to improve your knowledge and skills to progress further or have had little or no formal training in management.

How do the courses work?

This qualification can be studied in one of three ways; an award, certificate, diploma or extended diploma.

CMI Management & Leadership Qualifications

Entry requirements for the Management and Leadership qualifications

There are no formal entry requirements however we recommend that this course is most suitable if you have gained approximately two years of supervisory or
management experience.

If English is not your first language, evidence of at least IELTS level 6.5 or Trinity ISE III/IV will also be required.

How long will it take?

There are multiple hand-in dates a year and you can begin your studies at any time.

The course is structured to allow flexibility when studying the course, a such there are several ways the course can be studies:

  • An Award in Management & Leadership which is made up of a single unit can be completed within 3 months.
  • A Certificate in Management & Leadership which is made up of 3 units can be completed in 6 - 9 months.
  • A Diploma in Management & Leadership can be completed with a minimum combination of 6 units over a 9 - 12 month period.
  • An Extended Diploma in Management & Leadership is constructed of nine unites which when studied will take between 12 - 18 months to complete although you can choose to study at a faster or slower pace to suit your requirements.

We commit ourselves to support all Professional Academy students for up to a maximum of two years as standard. 

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What modules will you study?

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Conducting a Management Project - Investigative Project

You will use all your skills learnt during the course and applying them to a specific issue or problem which provides a useful report for your organisation.

Conducting a Marketing Plan - Work-based assignment

You will consider marketing’s role and predicting the needs of stakeholders and the impact of the marketing environment. You will devise, implement and monitor a marketing plan incorporating the marketing mix that contributes to the achieving an organisation’s objectives.

Information-based Decision Making - Work-based assignment

You will gain an understanding of using information to support decision making, including how to identify and evaluate sources of data and methods to analyse, present and effectively communicate data and results.

Managing Recruitment Selection and Induction - Work-based assignment

You will consider the employment process including identifying personnel requirements and developing an induction for the new team member. The importance of ensuring constant fairness, objectivity, equality of opportunity and any legal requirements is also covered.

Managing Team and Individual Performance - Work-based assignment

You will examine the management of both individual and team performance and be able to identify and agree responsibilities to achieve performance objectives, poor performance and provide feedback for improvement. The unit covers identifying possible causes of conflict and suitable minimisation or prevention strategies.

Meeting Stakeholder and Quality Needs - Work-based assignment

You will learn to identify the company’s stakeholders, their expectations and the best methods to communicate this to your team. You will examine quality standards, conduct a quality audit and learn how to promote continuous improvement and change within the company.

Personal Development as a Manager and Leader - Work-based assignment

You will learn how to improve your individual management and leadership skills and create a personal development plan (PDP). You will construct, implement and evaluate your PDP with achievable but challenging goals whilst ensuring healthy and safe working practices.

Planning For Development - Work-based assignment

You will examine how the human resources plan supports the strategic objectives and assess current and future HR requirements and procedures within the legal and organisational culture and framework.

Practices of Resource Management - Work-based Project

You will examine how to select, plan, and manage the resource supply chain and associated costs to meet objectives. You will consider the monitoring and evaluating of internal and external resources and to develop strategies to predict and manage disruptions.

On completion of this course you will be entitled to begin studying for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership and use the designatory letters MCMI.

For more information about The Chartered Management Institute (CMI), please visit their website.