Seven reasons to enrol onto an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships can help people gain experience and break into a new industry, as well as providing ways to progress within an existing role. They offer valuable, low-cost training and networking opportunities, and no – you don’t need to be a builder or electrician to get one! Contrary to popular belief, they are for people of all ages and experience levels.

Not sure whether an apprenticeship is right for you and your career goals? Or do you want to see if one can help point you in the direction of your skills and passions? Check out a selection of the best reasons to enrol onto an apprenticeship below.

1.  Learn while you earn with on-the-job experience

Apprenticeships have the major benefit of study combined with a subsidised income. Although salary for an apprenticeship is not usually high, it’s an excellent way to still earn some income whilst gaining new training that costs you nothing! Which unfortunately isn’t the case for most professional qualifications and university degrees.

2. Available in a range of industries

You’d be surprised at the amount of industries offer apprenticeships. Whether you want to try your hand as an Engineer, Dentist or even an Able Seafarer, any business can offer apprenticeships. Other increasingly popular apprenticeship areas include Retail, Hospitality, Sales, Marketing, and Management.  

3. They come in various levels

The different levels of apprenticeships mean they can be suited to a range of people. There are 4 main levels of apprenticeships and each has an equivalent educational level. These are Intermediate (GCSE), Advanced (A Level), Higher (Foundation degree and above), and Degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree).

Apprenticeship levels

4. Recognised professional qualification

Many apprenticeships recognise your efforts by rewarding you with a qualification at the end of your programme. For example, a marketing or digital marketing apprenticeship could gain you an internationally respected CIM qualification following completion.

5. Cost / no debt

There are no tuition fees or costs for the learner with an apprenticeship. Depending on the employer, they’re fully or part funded by the government. So it’s a win, win. You can gain excellent training without racking up large amounts of student debt.

6. Networking

University is great for networking in terms of your personal life, but it doesn’t always do a great job of connecting you with the best people professionally. An apprenticeship means you’re working directly in your desired industry, amongst people who could help you in your career in the future. Maybe that’s by giving you valuable guidance and support, or through opening up new opportunities post apprenticeship.

7. Boost career prospects

94% of Professional Academy apprentices surveyed (January 2021) said an apprenticeship has helped improve prospects for new job searches.  An apprenticeship is a valued addition to your CV and tells future employers you not only know theoretical information from your industry, but also that you're able to apply that practically in a workplace setting. This means you'll be a standout applicant for future job hunts!

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