Measure Personal ROI from a Professional Qualification

How can I measure the personal ROI from a professional qualification?

As you can imagine the question of return on investment, when it comes to training, is one we are often asked at Professional Academy. Whether it is by individuals asking “How will this qualification help me develop my career?” or companies asking “How do I measure the effectiveness of professional qualifications in the work place?” both of which are valid questions with short and long answers.

Well let’s look at measuring personal development as a return on investment (to see an article on Company ROI measurement click here). Why do you as an individual need a professional qualification? How will it help you “get ahead in business”?

Well straight away nobody needs a professional qualification (a controversial thing for a Professional Academy to say but it is none the less true) you can become a strong manager, marketer or sales person without one. Some people have a natural ability to learn and adapt to an environment and excel in their field through hard work and independent learning. Some people can do this and the wealth of their experience will eventually help them to rise to the top in their industry we have no doubt. Richard Branson is probably the most famous testament to this; although noted for being academically poor he has succeeded in industry through tenacity and determination, with no qualifications to show for it.

This being said a professional qualification can help you, we are not all Richard Branson, and the world would be a crazy (and very hairy) place if we were.  Not only does a professional qualification allow the worlds of Academia and Practical Application to collide in an understandable and amenable way, but it also helps an individual to stand out amongst the crowd.

Professional qualifications in Marketing, Sales or Management will make you more employable. CIM, ISMM, CAM and CMI are accredited awarding bodies acknowledged internationally by businesses as a sign that a candidate has the necessary knowledge to succeed in their desired industry. As Wendy Reed at advises:

“Joining a professional association is often beneficial for career progression. Taking courses accredited by a professional association can lead to being ‘chartered’, being registered as a member with a certain level of knowledge and skills and with a title that can be used for professional recognition.”

Standing out amongst the crowd isn’t only for those on the active job hunt but also for those happy at their respective companies but looking for a new challenge or a way to say “Hey Mr/Mrs Director/Manager I am ready for a new challenge and more responsibilities”. Self motivated team members are desirable in all industries and most companies will see the benefits of having professionally qualified team members amongst their teams. “But what if they don’t” we hear you say, “Do you have something I can show them to back up my argument for doing a professional qualification?” Well yes we do, its right here

An ROI both personally or as a company can be found in all elements of professional training depending on how it’s executed and how it’s received. After all an ROI is in the simplest terms an assessment of value for money. Having trained, motivated and developed team members has to be a worthwhile investment for a company. In the same way personal development in any area has to be desirable for anyone looking to grow and develop their chosen career path.

Once you are done convincing your boss/HR department that a professional qualification will benefit the company as much as it will for you, feel free to contact us for more advice about the right pathway for you. Alternatively you can browse the courses page and drop us an email when you’re ready for the next step of your career development.