How to Create Clickable Social Cards in Seconds

Created by Professional Academy Guest Bloggers at Any Image 

Socials are one of the most effective marketing tools you could use to attract more customers. Unlike regular image posts that simply show you a larger version of the image when clicked, clicking on any part of a social card will send users directly to the landing page of your choice.

Social cards have been proven to increase engagement rates and drive more traffic from the social media platforms. According to one Facebook study, microblogging site Tumblr managed to increase referral traffic from the Facebook platform by more than 250% after implementing clickable social cards.

Similarly, British mobile company Three had a 26% increase in engagement rates and a 64% increase in URL clicks – all thanks to social cards. The problem, however, is that creating social cards can be pretty time-consuming and challenging, especially for less-experienced website owners or those with no access to the back end of a website. This is where AnyImage steps in. With this free online tool, it will take you just seconds to create an unlimited number of clickable social cards linking to any web page and using any image of your choice.

Check out this useful infographic below to learn more about the benefits of using AnyImage.

How to Create Clickable Social Cards in Seconds - Infographic

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