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Infographics below were created by Professional Academy using content from Belbin. If you would like further information on Belbin's Team Roles please visit their website.

We are all aware of the importance of setting objectives and making sure that they follow the SMART rule. As well as individual objectives, it is often the case that employees must work together to achieve team objectives and goals. Meredith Belbin is a highly experienced researcher in the field of Psychology and team work.

Through analysing a range of organisations in different business sectors, Belbin established that there are 9 team roles which must be filled in order for the team to perform well and successfully achieve these objectives.

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Belbins Theory team roles infographic
Belbins Theory team roles infographic
Belbins Theory team roles infographic

So Why is Belbin’s research important?

Understanding the importance of each of these roles and being able to identify them in your own team members allows you to create a more balanced workforce by complementing each other’s weaknesses and strengths accordingly to get the particular task or project completed.

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