Apprenticeship Cash Incentive Scheme Extended until 2022

In recent positive news for apprenticeships, the government announced another extension to the £3,000 incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice. 

The new expiry date for hiring an apprentice is the end of January 2022, adding on an additional few months to make the most of the incentive, and will benefit businesses with apprentices in their 2022 plans. 

So if you hire a new apprentice between now and early next year, you will receive a cash bonus regardless of their age or apprenticeship type as long as they start their apprenticeship training before May 2022.  

It’s a welcome bit of news for any business looking to boost their growth with an apprentice, and will increase opportunities for aspiring apprentices keen to hone their skills in an active work environment. 

Professional Academy’s Apprenticeship Adviser, Wendy Spaxman, had this to say about the news…

“We are delighted to hear the employment incentive for apprenticeships has been extended to the New Year as this gives businesses an opportunity to think forward for 2022 and how their business will be able to return to normal, and look to grow after the last few turbulent years.”

The continuation of the incentive reflects the overall need to return businesses to pre-pandemic levels and encourages the introduction of new talent to conquer existing and future challenges. 

If you are looking to take advantage of the Apprenticeship Employment Incentive to hire and train a member of your Sales & Marketing team in 2022, Professional Academy offer a range of fully funded, apprenticeship programmes, delivered and supported by active sales & marketing professionals.

To find out more you can visit our Sales, Marketing, and Management apprenticeship pages or contact our apprenticeship advice team directly on 01223 365 505, via email at, or book an advice call at a time to suit you.