5 Things to apologies for after the company Christmas party

For a lot of our students (and tutors alike) it is Christmas party season across the UK and the world. The office Christmas party is notorious for creating post-party awkwardness.

This can be down to many reasons; alcohol being a chief one but then it could also be the first time you have socialised with your work colleagues so your eccentricities may have spilled in to the public forum sooner than you would have liked.

There are a few common faux pas that we at Professional Academy recommend apologising for:

No.5 – The terrible secret Santa Gift

This is a common Faux Pas but one that is easily forgiven. It also helps that you can protect yourself by using your new found secret Santa anonymity.

Usually this occurs when you don’t really know the victim of your terrible gift or you don’t have the time to go out and put in the effort on a well thought out present.

Apology rating: LOW

No. 4 – That Christmas Jumper

We all have terrible Christmas jumpers tucked away somewhere, usually given to us by elderly relatives or as a terrible secret santa present (see No.5) but this year they seem to have come in to fashion for some odd reason.

This has compelled the Christmas jumper lovers (including the Professional Academy Marketing Co-Ordinator) to force their ghastly jumper on the eyes of fellow office workers for the festive period and of course they crack out the best one at the party!

If you haven’t apologized for your jumper or jumpers please do or else they may have next year’s party without you. 

Apology rating: LOW – MEDIUM (Depending on the Jumper horrendousness)

No. 3 – The over dramatic karaoke performance

We can’t help but feel the presence of a karaoke machine at any staff function is the director/managers way of setting people up for humiliation, a glowing beacon of potential embarrassment.

So whether or not you butchered a classic like Spandau Ballets sensational “Gold”, decided to take a crack at something to show how modern and “down with the kids” you are with a very heartfelt rendition of Katy Perry’s “Firework” or worst still tried to rap to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” it is probably appropriate that you apologise to all in the office for what may have occurred.

On a side note you may also want to apologise if you did have a bash on karaoke and turned out to be the new Aretha Frankland or Elton John; modesty is always a good quality.

Apology Rating: MEDIUM

No. 2 – Having a bit too much to drink

The most common offence at the office Christmas party due to the sheer joy of not having to foot the bill at the end of each round but over consumption can lead to several embarrassing incidents such as:

  • Staggering and stumbling
  • Attempting to breakdance
  • The telling of inappropriate jokes
  • Revealing a little too much information
  • Making a move on James/Jenny in Accounts

We’ve all seen the evidence/effect of this when the colleague who is slumped in the corner towards the end of the night, Santa hat half covering their face, drags themselves to work the next day looking like death warmed up.

If you are responsible for any of the above or are the one dragging yourself in to the office the next day, an apology may be in order (as well as a thank you for getting me home safe).

Apology Level: MEDIUM TO HIGH (depending on the drunken misdemeanor)

No. 1 - Telling that person what you “really think of them”

The ultimate in office Faux Pas, that moment when you (usually assisted by the aforementioned open bar) tell that person you work with what you “really think of them”.

Whether it is confessing your long hidden feelings of love for that person you see in the lift every morning or telling your line manager (or worse director) how you personally feel about them, the business or something that has happened in the past year.

Open and honest communication is something that should be encouraged in the workplace and venting can be healthy and cathartic in a suitable environment, but finger pointing and raising your voice after a glass or two of Sherry may not be the way to go about it. Please go and apologise.

Apology Rating: HIGH

The best way to apologise for 1 or all of the above office party misdemeanours...

...the best way to apologise of course is to show your dedication to growing your knowledge and skill base as well as helping to move the company forward in the new year by signing up for a Professional Qualification in Sales, Marketing or Management & Leadership with Professional Academy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at Professional Academy.