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Xavier Jackson

Qualifications Adviser

Upon leaving school Xavier chose to begin a career as a chef, working in a busy hotel in Cambridge. However, after around half a year in the industry he decided that the late nights and sweaty shifts weren’t for him.

This is when he decided that he wanted to start on a different career path and develop new skills. As a result of this he became a Sales Apprentice with Professional Academy in 2019 and has now completed his Level 3 Sales Apprenticeship and graduated to the role of Qualifications Adviser.  

Xavier enjoys spending time outdoors and is always up for a good game of football. When he’s not busy kicking a ball about, he’s jetting off to pretty much anywhere outside of the UK, with Amsterdam being one of his favourite cities by far due to the beautiful buildings and unbelievably welcoming locals.

Living in a small village on the far outskirts of Cambridge means he’s learnt to enjoy peaceful walks with dogs through the countryside, some being his, as well as also volunteering to look after others to help family friends. He’s also got 16 chickens and struggles to put all of them to bed making for a funny, and usually very muddy time.