Philip Perren - Qualifications Advisor

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Philip Perren

Senior Qualifications Adviser

Philip left school and took a year to expand his horizons and embrace some of the sights and sounds of Europe, before heading to University to complete a degree in Drama. To help balance his university life he was a prominent figure in the university Rugby team, regularly playing and leading the social events.  Following the completion of his BA (Hons) in Drama Philip undertook a short tour for a Children’s theatre company before falling into a career in hospitality for 6 years.

During this time Philip also became a Dad and now pushes his dreams of a professional rugby career on his son whilst enjoying arranging the next adventure to zoos, farms, seasides and theme parks.

Undertaking various roles within hotels Philip has developed a very adaptable and varied approach to work through a diverse range of challenges from refurbishments to re-branding. With a heavy focus on Customer Service, Philip now effectively uses his skills in a Sales environment. With Philip now undertaking the Senior Qualifications Advisor role he will be able to do what he does best, meet with people and get to know their needs with the view to overcoming challanges together. 

Downtime for Philip includes terrible TV and a continued interest in Rugby following the England team’s ups and downs.

To find out more about Philip’s career history feel free to look into his LinkedIn Profile.