Michael O'Flynn

Sales & Marketing Manager

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Michael O'Flynn

Sales & Marketing Director

Michael is a bit of a wandering jack of all trades. Having grown up in a military family he has lived all over the world and since leaving home has taken many a job from builder to professional piercer, salesman to bartender before he eventually headed to university. After completing a degree in History he started to forge a career in Marketing firstly in the competitive and sometimes cutthroat world of hospitality and now as Professional Academy's Sales & Marketing Director - Recently accepting the position in January 2017.

Michael has a deep interest in non-intrusive and content led marketing as well as the innovative ways it has evolved and developed over the years. As such Michael used to be the voice of the Professional Academy’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts but has passed this on to Estelle though you may still see one of Michael's token "Fantastics" flying out in a tweet once in a while. Michael was also well known for writing the vast majority of Professional Academy’s blogs (and being responsible for any spelling mistakes and typos across the company’s online presence) but has since netured a fantastic group of guest blogger featuring Professional Academy tutors, friends and industry experts creating a great resources of differing view points in the Professional Academy blogsphere.

When he is not talking about content marketing or social marketing or things in that vein Michael is usually found talking about Sport from his support of League One football team Gillingham FC to his fierce support of the Irish Rugby team and mild obsessions with Curling & Ice Hockey he developed whilst living in Canada as a teenager.

To find out more about Michael’s Marketing Career feel free to look in to his LinkedIn Profile and to keep up to date with his blogs head over to the Professional Academy blog feed

But it wouldn't be right if we didn't sum him up in a method he loves so much - an infographic. This was created by moocreations and he is eternally greatful!


Michael O'Flynn in infographic form created by moocreations