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Managing Director

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Managing Director, Martin Hutchins

Managing Director

Martin is a self proclaimed workaholic and the founder of Professional Academy. As a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) he successfully blends a broad range of business disciplines. 

Martin was once described by Steve Backley, Olympic Javelin medal winner and world record holder, as the decathlete of business. This is due to his all-round knowledge of the skills that are necessary to grow a successful business.

As a leader he has built a formidable team in his own organisation, delivers workshops and speaks at conferences on what makes good leaders.

Martin’s marketing and digital marketing skills have been honed over the past 30 years as a trainer and practitioner and was once the chief examiner for the CAM foundation digital courses and was also party to development of the ISM sales qualification syllabus and wrote the course material that is now used by every accredited ISM delivery centre.

In addition to excellence in leadership, marketing and sales, Martin is partly qualified as an accountant and is an accomplished software programmer and hardware expert having recently migrated his company’s complete IT infrastructure into the “Cloud” including a complete ground up build of a CRM system.

Often giving his time freely to small business experiencing troubled times, Martin is passionate about business success driven by motivated and knowledgeable staff to the point that he is currently writing a book on a values driven approach to personal development.

An energetic, positive individual who seeks to inspire and motivate everybody he works with, Martin never shies away from a challenge and revels in the ups and downs of running a business.

When he is not working you will often see him buzzing around the skies in a four seat light aircraft as the proud holder of his Private Pilots License.

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