Kamilla Norrman

Operations Manager

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Kamilla Norrman

Operations Director

Kamilla was born in Sweden, however in 2002 she left the country permanently. In 2005 she moved to England after a year in Copenhagen and a couple of trips around the world. Having a Swedish father and Czech mother Kamilla is bilingual and has a natural interest in foreign languages. She enjoys travelling and likes exploring new countries, learning about other cultures and meeting new people. Most recently Kamilla travelled around South Africa for one month.

Kamilla is a sporty type and tries to keep fit by running and spinning on a regular basis, she also enjoys swimming and playing racquet sports. Her passion is skiing, but she also loves body surfing and scuba diving, which she does whenever possible (preferably in the tropics). In 2002 she obtained her skydiving certificate and hopes to pick up the sport here in England.

Having completed the final thesis of her Business degree whilst working she has gained an understanding as to how difficult it is to combine studies with work and other commitments. Kamilla believes this is an important part of the challenges our students face and her personal experience has helped her understand these.

Kamilla takes pride in her work and always endeavors to deliver good customer service to our students and tutors. She appreciates an honest and direct approach and likes a good debate, be it politics, sport or whether ale is better than lager!