What HR Managers Can Use to Motivate Employees

Written by Professional Academy Guest Blogger Ian Lewis

No business could succeed without its employees, so that makes them a key factor in any company. However, employees are often neglected and the company only wants them to work more and give their best. But, the company often forgets that they are people who need recognition and reward in order to stay motivated and that’s why they often end up quitting their jobs. So, in order to keep your employees satisfied and happy, you as an HR manager can change things.

Communication is the Key

As an HR manager, you know the best that your employees are an important part of the company and that they are not disposable. You can’t simply distance yourself from your workers. Instead, you have to keep open communication with them and, more importantly, to be transparent when communicating.

If they know that they can openly talk to you and share any of their problems, issues, and even successes, that you will be there for them as a company to help or reward. They need to know that you appreciate them and that you care about their personal reasons why they are here in the first place. Those personal reasons are what motivates them to work harder, so make sure to openly talk about all that and show support.

Give Them Purpose

Finding a purpose in life is a lot harder than finding a purpose at work! If you give your employees a purpose, it will be easier to motivate them and they will become more successful. With a clear purpose, they will easily understand the company’s vision and they will be more eager to execute their tasks and bring happiness to everyone. Also, the purpose helps them fit in the whole picture, and once they understand the bigger picture their goal and goal of the company will become the same and they will work harder.

Show Them That You Care

Showing that you care as a company and that you appreciate their work stands high in the employee’s need for motivation. There are dozens of ways you can show that you care, you just have to find the right fit for your employees. Some people appreciate a written or verbal “thank you” as a sign of recognition and appreciation. Some of them will prefer rewards such as money or even gifts. You just have to decide how you’re going to treat them, but make sure to treat them differently.

You can even have some special occasions of showing that you care and even be funny about it. Have parties and prepare some small gifts for your employees. For example, you can get them necklaces for best friends and show that your company wants to be friends with them and that you care about their work. Other ways of showing that you care include some new job opportunities, promotions, praise and anything else you can think of.

Emphasise the Work-Life Balance

It is a fact that everyone has a hard time finding the perfect balance between a job and personal life. However, as an HR manager, you can help your employees live happier lives at home and at work at the same time.

You know the best that everyone needs some time off from time to time to take a break and reconnect with their friends and family, so make sure to provide that for them. Besides the usual vacation days, you can sometimes reward them with some extra days off based on their performance. Also, you can provide flexible working hours, so someone can come later or earlier in the office if they have other things to take care of. With these small things, you can really help someone organize their day and have some time to unwind which will only result in more focus at work and better motivation.

Involve Them into Decision Making

Since your employees are already part of your organization, don’t be surprised at how valuable their insights might be. They work on your products and services and they certainly have a unique perspective on how you can improve those and what can be changed. So, don’t exclude them from decision making.

Besides getting a unique and expert perspective from your employees, if you involve them in making decisions for the company you will allow them to participate in the whole process. This will boost their motivation and productivity, since you’re showing them that they are important and valuable assets.

No company should think of their employees as disposable and replaceable. Your job as an HR manager is to notice how valuable they are and how you can both benefit from this relationship. As soon as you show them that they are here for a reason and that you care, they will be motivated to work harder and they will certainly be much happier to come to the office every day.

Author Bio: Ian Lewis is a father, writer, and a marketing expert. His favourite quote: There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind. You can find him on Twitter.