Simon Watson

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Simon Watson

A senior sales professional with a solid background in marketing. Other than my primary role, my other current engagements include a Professional Academy ISMM sales trainer & tutor, FX Trader, property investor and, a (budding) restaurant entrepreneur.
My current commercial responsibility is to organise & drive forward the sales and marketing function at Formicary. Formicary provides expert consultants to investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers to support them with their trading platform (Murex, Calypso, Summit) IT integration.

My know-how spans Internationally in all aspects of sales, restructuring, leadership, partnership strategy and sales management, over a collection of industries, mainly within the IT sector, comprising of:

proving consultants, financial trading systems and software, 
legal research software.
online subscription based search engines.

Throughout my career, I have been privileged enough to work alongside a variety of inspiring individuals, whom I would like to thank for furnishing me with the skills and experience I have today.
A keen sports fan & charity fundraiser, with a particular interest in running and golf (not together): happy to offer advice, feedback, debate or simply network over drink or a round.