Dominik Elmiger

Dominik is a successful digital marketer and gained experience in the information technology, travel and telecommunications industry. In his current role as Digital Marketing Manager, he is in charge of acquisition and conversion strategies across multiple regions and has developed a thorough understanding of audience and persona segmentation as well as the buying cycle. This applies to both, B2B and B2C revenue generation models.

He had his teaching debut with the London School of Marketing and is a young and aspiring teacher who communicates in an engaging and fun way. He also collaborated with other study centres to prepare students for the upcoming CIM and CAM intake in December. Besides teaching, he also provides 1-to-1 tutor sessions and is familiar with the CIM, CAM, IDM and DIM curriculum. Dominik has been accepted as Subject Examiner by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, marking digital marketing level 4 qualifications for the July and December 2016 intake.

In his current role as digital marketer, he runs global campaigns across all digital channels. His background is in paid advertising but he also gained in-depth knowledge about earned and owned media, particularly SEO, marketing automation, social, email, branding and PR.

Dominik goes the extra mile and puts career progression of peers and students at the core of his goals. Based on his omni-channel experience working in different industries and regions, Dominik makes an excellent candidate teaching CIM or CAM courses.